The best in bodycare natural products for skin, may include tea tree oil as one of the ingredients. Go into nearly any bath and body shop in the country,and you'll find products for body acne, body wash, body odor control, and more.Some of the most elegant bath and body care products and skin care body lotions are made from the Australian tea tree.

In the last several years, more and more companies are using natural ingredients and essential oils like tea tree oil, to enhance the fragrance and effectiveness of their products.

Tea Tree Oil can be calming while helping to prevent germs from causing disease or sicknesses. Staph infections like MRSA, athletes foot, nail fungus, and more have been the target for tea tree oil products.

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Tea Tree Oil for Your Head and Face

Tea Tree Oil for Your Mouth and Teeth

Not just for external bodycare, Tea Tree is one of the most healing and soothing oils available to calm the sores in your mouth and on your gums. You can find it in toothpaste, mouthwash, and oral ointments.

Tea Tree Oil for Your Body

Tea tree oil is used from head to toe, shampoo, facial wash, bodywash, acne treatments and home remedies, underarm and body odor control, after piercings, tattoos, and for it's natural soothing qualities after facial and body hair removal and overall bodycare.

Bodywash and Antibacterial Soap
Genital Creams
Genital Warts and HPV
Yeast Infection

Tea tree oil is effective for its triple antibiotic properties. It can be used to treat mouth sores, cold sores, HPV, warts, nail fungus, cuts, scratches, bruises, and sore muscles. It can be vaporized for cold and flu relief, allergies, sinus infections, and deodorizing rooms, cars, litter boxes, diaper pails, and trash cans.

Tea Tree Oil for Your Hands and Feet

Athletes Foot
Athletes Foot Case Study
Hands and Nails
Nail Fungus
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