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Viral infection barrier

I've been using Tee Tree oil since first introduced to the product in the 1980s. I was a Jr. High school teacher in a private school and we used this product

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Will Tea Tree Oil Keep Fleas Away?

Can you use teatree oil on pets to keep fleas off of them? will it be safe for my pets? Editors Note: Tea Tree Oil is not recommended for keeping fleas

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how to use tea tree oil for dandruff

I read your article about using 5% tea tree oil solution for dandruff. I would like to know what would happen if I put pure tea tree oil on my scalp instead

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Mites Bites

I thought I had lice, and I might have had it, but also I have mites. I was treated for lice with a prescription drug, but didn't know about the mites

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Cats marking territory in the house.

Can tea tree oil be used to get OLD cat urine smells out of carpet and carpet pad? If so, how do I mix it and use it? What do you recommend for a cat

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