Healing Bruises

How Can Tea Tree Oil Help You Start Healing Bruises?

I was looking for ways of healing bruises naturally. If you're like some of the folks in my family, getting a bruise is almost as easy as thinking about getting them...well, okay, maybe not quite that easy.

Even so, I can remember growing up with my mom never knowing where the small bruises on her leg or arm came from. They were never large or numerous, but it was obvious that she had bumped into something and that she bruised easily.

The thought of having visible bruises can be the cause of lots of anxiety! It might mean wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants on sweltering hot days. There might be embarrassing questions, or feeling foolish for being "clumsy".

If you bruise easily, you want quick relief and healing, and the over the counter remedies from the drugstore never seemed to work, so I went searching for something better.

How to Prevent Bruises

What I found was that my bruises could sometimes be prevented and I could help my body heal itself overnight! After researching remedies, trial and error, and lots of failure, I've found out how to ease the pain quickly, and get rid of the black and blue, usually before it starts. Through the right nutritional supplements and topical treatments, I almost never have a bruise.

Bruises, also called contusions, are caused by blood vessels or capillaries breaking and allowing blood to flow into the surrounding tissues. For the most part they are not considered serious, but when they are severe, they can indeed cause some problems,

Besides being caused by trauma, some factors may contribute to easier bruising, including a Vitamin C deficiency.

When light bruising occurs, and there is swelling present, an ice pack and elevation of the bruised area can help relieve the pain and work as a simple bruise remedy .

Healing Bruises Faster

If you want to speed up healing bruises, try putting a few drops of tea tree oil on the injury, and lightly massaging it. The thought is that it will help to heal the bruise from the inside out.

  • As a bruise treatment, the penetrating action of the tea tree oil gets it right to the injury.
  • If you use a cream with Arnica, the tea tree oil can help it reach the bruising more quickly.
  •  Light massage, and herbs like arnica can increase the blood flow and help to heal the area.
  • Taking some supplements like vitamin c, zinc, and antioxidants like vitamins A and E are thought to help your body in the healing process and in getting rid of a bruise.

Bruise remedies like arnica and calendula cream are very effective for bruises. I have seen it work to prevent bruising when I have bumped into something real hard, and even when I once accidentally thumped my hand with a hammer.

When combined with herbal rubs like capsaicin (from cayenne peppers) and tea tree oil, the effects can appear almost miraculous in their help towards healing a bruise faster.

There are signs to look for to determine if your bruising is light or severe, the most obvious indicator, besides pain, is the coloring.

Wikipedia's page on healing bruises gives the following guide for bruise coloring and severity-

  • Dark-Purple/Black (very severe) - 
  • Yellow (severe) - 
  • Light-Purple/Blue (somewhat severe) - 
  • Light Blue/Light Purple (not very severe)

If you feel that your bruise is severe, keep a close eye on it, and by all means get to the doctor.  Remember the acronym " use  R.I.C.E.  for healing bruises"

  • Rest, 
  • Ice, 
  • Compression, and 
  • Elevationof the bruised area 

Pain killers from your doctor may help as well. Remember, severe complications can arise from bad bruises, including hematomas, internal bleeding, disruption of the blood flow, and severe bruises may be only part of the injury to bones, or internal organs. Massage in this situation may worsen the injury, and lead to a longer recovery period for healing bruises and greater expense and damage to your body.

When you need a bruise remedy or want to speed along healing bruises, keep a bottle of Tea Tree Oil handy.

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