Browse the shelves at your favorite stores and you'll find many of the best personal care, cosmetic, and skin care products contain tea tree oil.

You can create many of your own tea tree products.

  • add 15 drops per ounce of liquid soap to create a soap that may help control bacteria and germs
  • add 15 drops to the wash every time to help get rid of foul odors, mold and mildew odors, and to help control germs
  • put a few drops on your dish sponge every time you wash dishes to help keep your sponge fresh and clean smelling, and to help control fungi and bacteria that cause the odors
  • add it to shampoo and conditioner to aid in dandruff and head lice control
  • mix 10 or 15 drops in an ounce of rubbing alcohol or vodka, shake thoroughly, then add a teaspoon of dish soap and use it to clean counters and hard surfaces
  • Create a soothing lotion for itchy or irritated skin by adding 15 drops per ounce of lotion, and mixing well
  • Get creative in making your own tea tree products, the possibilities are endless.

    We'd love you to browse our pages and see how others have used tea tree oil in creating soaps, lotions, skin and hair care solutions, cosmetics and more. We've created a directory of sorts for all kinds of tea tree oil products here.