What Is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is a very powerful antiseptic and an immuno-stimulant. Called the "first aid kit in a bottle," it can be used to treat burns, acne, dandruff, cuts, coughs, urinary tract infections eczema, candida, lice, athlete's foot, ring worm, colds, flu and fights pain.

It's most important use is in combating bacterial and fungal infections. This in my opinion is one of those products that should be in every home's medicine cabinet. It is thought that the oil may also reduce the proliferation of some viruses, and it also has a stimulating effect upon the body's natural immune system thus helping to further reduce the effects of infectious micro-organisms.

Companies involved in mold abatement, mold remediation, and mold removal are more frequently finding products containing green chemicals and organic compounds like tea tree oil.

Not only can tea tree act as an air purifier, it is one of the best aromatherapy products you can find.

To disinfect sick rooms, Tea Tree oil, which is easily evaporated, may be diffused into the air, it's aroma is like that of a medicinal antiseptic.

Diffusers are an economical air purification system, dispersing the aromatherapy treatment throughout the entire room. Tea tree has been known to work as a disinfectant while it's aromatic oils lift the spirits.

For Your Hair

A simple natural skin and hair antiseptic can easily be made by adding up to six drops of the oil to a warm relaxing bath. Adding Tea Tree is also a very useful method of getting rid of pimples fast, just add a few drops of the oil to warm water as a final natural antiseptic facial rinse. Tea tree is just one acne remedy towards a permanent acne solution.Some have even suggested it's use as an acne scar treatment.

Similarly the hair may be rinsed with a spoonful of Tea tree in warm water to control lice.

Tea Tree is also one of the few oils that may be used undiluted on the skin, it is non-toxic and also non-irritating, however it is wise to test your own sensitivity by placing just a smear of the oil on the skin surface, washing it off immediately if there is any sensitivity.

It's is wonderfully soothing after hair removal, and it's an asset to your facial skin care products. No serious skin care fanatic is without tea tree oil products. A few drops of the undiluted oil may be used for the treatment of athletes foot, cold sores and ring worm infections.

A steam inhalation of Tea Tree oil is a very useful remedy for infections such as colds and flu, especially if it is used at the first signs of symptoms.

What About Head Lice?

If you have school age children, you may receive that note from school stating that your child has been exposed to head lice or scabies. What do you do now? Do not run to the pharmacy for one of those lice kits - they are poisonous pesticides. This is more of a natural solution.

Head lice infestation is predominantly found on the scalp. In addition to using the following recipe on the scalp, you should also do a complete body wash.

Be Aware, that most likely you will experience a tingling sensation on your skin and scalp from the tea tree oil, this will go away after a short while.

You'll need to completely wash all clothes and bedding using Tea Tree by adding one teaspoon of the oil in each load of wash. Wash the entire body with shampoo or bodywash fortified with Tea Tree oil. Prepare the shampoo by adding two tetaspoons of Tea Tree Oil to every 10-12 ounces ( 300-350 ml) of shampoo or bodywash.

Rinse hair with a hot water solution containing 1/2 teaspoon of the oil plus 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. After drying, saturate a nit comb with tea tree oil (pure), and run it through the hair. Do this for at least a couple of days.

Tea Tree is superior to the products you buy in the pharmacy for lice and scabies. It penetrates the lice and their eggs on contact stopping reproduction in its tracks. It will not harm the central nervous system! Make sure you always have 2 bottles for your home, and/or first aid kit.

The oils smell is hard to put into words, but it is quite characteristic and recognizable, fresh, clean, antiseptic, slightly earthy - not unpleasant at all!

Blend Tea Tree With Other Essential Oils

Often used alone, but may be blended with Lavender, Pine, Cinnamon or Clove.

Description The Tea tree is native to the New South Wales and Queensland regions of Australia, growing on wet swampy land. This shrub looking plant grows to a height of about 20 feet, spreading to about 13 feet at its fullest. It has papery bark made up of several layers. The small leaves are, about 3.5 cm long, narrow, and pointed. The flowers are small, five petaled, usually white in color and are formed in the spring, on dense spikes up to 5 cm long. They are followed by woody capsules.

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