Can You Cure Lice Safely?
Without Harsh Chemicals? 
Tea Tree Oil and Lice

Are You Looking To Cure Lice Naturally? 
Do you Have Lice Problems?
Or, Are You Wondering How To Use Tea Tree Oil for Lice?

Poison can't cure lice...

But it sure can make you sick! If you are trying to get rid of lice, forget the dangerous brand name shampoo for lice. We'll help you assemble everything you need for a natural lice kit.

It is safer to use tea tree oil shampoo properly prepared over buying a special lice shampoo made to eliminate lice. Lice Shampoo can be full of unnecessary and potentially dangerous chemicals. I cannot more highly stress that last statement. Please do not endanger your health any further with other treatments!

You are on the right track for taking the time to read through the information here to educate yourself for the sake of your health or your loved ones. You need to know that there have been some well documented cases linking treatments for lice and leukemia.

You may have heard of all sorts of ways to cure lice, including slopping mayonnaise all over your head, or shaving off all of your hair.

Mayonnaise doesn't do anything but make you feel like a bologna sandwich. Shaving your head or body hair may be embarrassing. Don't do it until after you read this natural remedy to remove head lice.

"Can you cure lice at home? Head lice are once again becoming a public health issue of greater concern. As the memory of infestations of days gone by fade, head lice are making a strong comeback."

Head lice know no social or economic bounds as lice statistics show, especially when public schools come into play.

It won't take long with all the contact children have with each other in school.

All it takes is a shared brush, a ball cap, scarf, or hat tried on, a team helmet, or sitting on furniture recently occupied by someone with headlice.

Why Is Tea Tree Recommended?

Is it any wonder then that natural healers are recommending shampoo products for lice and skin care products that satisfy not just cosmetic needs, but the demand that any natural search for healthier lice treatments might produce?

Besides using vitamins and supplements and cosmetic or body care products to help your body overcome any illness or lice infestation, tea tree oil is finding its way into health supplements and aromatherapy health products.

Tea tree oil by itself is considered a topical or cosmetic treatment, and so it doesn't fall under the same restrictions that a medicine or prescription chemical might have.

This is great because it makes itself readily available to nearly anybody.

Head lice have provided some interesting colloquialisms to the American vocabulary along with some well known TV shows like the South Park “lice capades“ episode. For instance, someone who is of bad or low character could be called a louse. All this does is add to the feelings of self abasement, and social isolation.

It's of little comfort then, that head lice are affecting nearly every social and economic strata. They have truly become an equal opportunity pest. Let's take a look at what are head lice, and what are some of the treatment options available for headlice eradication

Head lice treatments like lice sprays and lice shampoo often involvetoxic chemicals, some are home remedies like tea-tree-oil. There are different types of lice, like pubic lice, also called “crabs”, body lice and lice that affect animals and birds, but they are not the same as those that attach themselves to humans. As hard as it might be to believe, fleas, lice and ticks are related. 

Cure Lice ? -- Can it be as easy as one, two, three!?

Kids are going back to school, and bringing home new uninvited friends called "lice". Lice are very common among children.It is most likely that if your child has lice, then mom and dad and other family members may as well. No need to panic because tea tree oil can help remove lice. No one can claim to cure lice unless they are a medical professional. 

What Exactly Are Lice And Nits?

Head lice and nits, are very stubborn parasites to eliminate. Adult lice have a remarkable tendency to be rather hard to spot, and the eggs, called nits, are usually found in the warmest spots on the head such as behind the ears the area at the back of the neck, and directly on the top of the head.

The most common times a year to look out for lice is at the beginning of the school year, and in the spring when temperatures being to warm up.

You can use pure tea tree oil as a topical treatment to possibly cure louse problems, and because it can be used to help many other conditions as well besides to cure lice troubles, never be without it... It can help disinfect a wound, and help clear pimples, along with much more.

Small Children

When considering using tea tree oil as a way to cure lice. It is not recommended to use pure tea tree oil on small children or babies without it being diluting first, as it is very potent and may cause a slight irritation to their delicate skin. Combing may also be done every day combined with the shampoo treatments.

Family Members Having The Same Problem As Well?

-It is recommended, when considering tea tree oil as a way to cure lice problems, that any children under the age of ten years old or anyone who has been diagnosed with hypersensitive skin try a small patch test before using tea tree oil. If irritation does occur please do not continue with treatment.

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-Also tea tree oil must never be taken internally especially in younger children or any pets that you may have. Their stomachs may have a very unpleasant reaction such as a burning sensation, and in the worst case may cause vomiting.

-Tea Tree Oil should always be in its pure form otherwise it will not be as effective for certain types of conditions. For lice among young children we always recommend diluting unless there are other factors involved. Such as infections, or more sever skin conditions.

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