Lice by the millions

by Carl Tambeau
(Truro, NS, Canada)

Lice by the millions - Tea Tree Oil is the Cure!!

It was the spring/summer of 2000 our daughter had long beautiful hair and as a result of such long beautiful hair we were always after her to make sure she was kept clean and looked after herself. One day late spring she started the scratching and seemed to have dandruff - WRONG - OMG (oh my gosh!) it was lice, how could this possibly happen was our first reaction. The old myth this only happens if you don't keep yourself clean was soon washed away.

She was suppose to start swimming lesson's soon and we knew we had to do something so of course the first cure (so we thought) was the medicinal approach. We were concerned with the thought of putting chemicals in her hair as we heard all the horror stories but figured we had no choice so away we went. After a day or so we checked her hair again and all "seemed' normal so to swimming lessons she went.

A few weeks later she was sent home from swimming lessons with a towel around her head - Yep that is right lice again so now we are frustrated some more but once again against our better judgement we give her another dose of chemicals and wait a few days - back to the pool.

A bit paranoid we kept an eye on things for over a week and then we figured we had this beat - now I should also mention this is also the second time we had to take all her personal affects in her bedroom and bag them up and take the dolls/teddy bears she loved and gave her comfort at night away from her. I believe that hurt worse than knowing she had lice again.

Well the summer is almost over and the end of swimming lessons is drawing to a close at this point AND yes once again just before closing she is sent home with a reported lice problem - THIRD time is a charm. Now we are more than frustrated and of course as we are out, my wife is discussing this with friends, (embarrasing) a customer in the store we were in this particular day says "Have you ever tried Tea Tree Oil?"

Well we searched for information on this once we were told the benefits. We searched on the "side effects", the benefits, the side effects, and more on the side effects - Guess what - there we no side effects. What kind of parents were we to search the side effects of this beautiful natural product but not care to search out the side effects of the chemicals we poisoned her with - we felt like abusive people once we compared products.

We used the Tea Tree Oil once we found a supplier and WOW no comparison - it was great - Begone Lice!!! Unbelievable no more lice after one treatment - None and in fact to this day, almost 8 years later she still has long hair and she has "never' had lice again as once every six months we give her some Tea Tree Oil for her hair and Presto!!! No Problem - we swear by this product for sure!!

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Jul 01, 2010
We use Tea Tree shampoo to keep them off.
by: Eli

We had a few bouts with Lice as well. It was a complete torture for the kids as well as us.

We followed all the advice, from using the chemicals to picking through their hair with needle-nosed tweezers to get rid of the nits. Took hours each night for days to get rid of everything.

We put all the toys in bags and put the stuffed animals and bed stuff in the dryer. I used the shop-vac on the beds, couches and rugs. We covered everything with plastic as well. We took ALL the precautions.

We still got hit 3-4 times (once was debatable but we erred on the side of caution). But, each time with the chemicals.

Now, we use tea tree shampoo and even though we still check their heads, we have not had a repeat of the Lice in the house. I swear by Tea Tree, as I am trained as an Aromatherapist (along with other oils).

Pure Tea Tree on the scalp is ok, as long as you watch the dosages. I would put it in some carrier oil (grape seed, olive, or coconut oils), then let it sit for a while. And you will need to pick through the hair with something (I do the needle-nosed tweezers) to get everything, especially the nits.

Happy hunting!


Aug 25, 2009
treatment for lice
by: Anonymous

Need any information to treat mattresses and furniture for the lice. Please help my friends grandaughter needs this info ASAP !!

Thank you, Sincerely, Paula

Jul 27, 2009
by: mammabear

I soaked my daughters head with Tea Tree Oil and then put a shower cap on her head. I did this for 2 nights in a row. I did as well just to be sure about my own hair. It works because it smothers the lice. I may have done it a week later just in case anything may have hatched.

It's good for your scalp!!

May 15, 2009
Please Help
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm going through the same thing with my Daughter her hair in long think and beautiful....I thought I had gotten rid of them a few months back but guess what they came back and it seems like she's going to be prone to them now....I've bought some tea tree oil but unsure of how to use it. Ive also treated her hair with that Nasty chemical and cleaned everything out and cleaned my entire house please tell me how to use this stuff thanks.

Jun 15, 2008
Lice by the millions
by: Anonymous

That is a very good story - it reminds of my sisters case a few years back. Great story my friend

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