Discover How You Can Purchase Tea Tree Oil

and Take Home The Best Every Single Time

There are just a few rules to remember when you purchase tea tree oil, and I'm going to reveal them to you right now.

1.) Know Your Source
2.) Purchase From Someone Who Knows Tea Tree Oil 
3.) Purchase Tea Tree Oil Only From Australia
4.) Purchase the Right Kind of Oil For Your Needs

1.) Know Your Source

A. There are 100's of varieties of Melaleuca, many of which are capable of producing "tea tree oil".Not all of them are useful for health.(You can find out more about tea tree oil on the homepage)

B. There are several Countries that produce tea tree oil, some of which produce really nasty smelling and ineffective blends that are labelled as pure tea tree oil. Since there are hundreds of types of melaleuca trees, the oil they offer may not work for your situation.

C. There are 100's of companies that manufacture tea tree oil.

D. There are likely tens of 1000's of distributors and retail outlets offering the 100's of products re-bottled from some country and from some variety of melaleuca that is not revealed to you on the label.

Tea tree oil can be found for dirt cheap on the Internet, but here's what you get with cheap tea tree oil. You end up with a low grade oil, that probably stinks, and may not work for you.

You've seen folks on the internet complaining about how bad tea tree oil smells, haven't you? Sure you have. The reason is, the oil they picked up was cheap, and probably only a blended oil at that. 

2.) Purchase Tea Tree Oil 
From Someone Who Knows 
About Tea Tree Oil.

Try this for yourself. Walk into your local WalMart. WalMart is a great store for values and selection. They often have friendly and helpful staff. While there, ask an store associate which of the tea tree oil they offer is the best, and why you should purchase tea tree oil from their store.

You will either get the usual, "I'm not sure" answer, or the clerk will pick up a bottle and try to discern which might be the best to purchase...but according to what guidelines? It's not their fault, there are literally thousands of products in the store, and you're asking them about just one of them.

I've studied about tea tree oil for years. This website alone represents over two years worth of research, study, and investigation into the benefits, history, uses, and production of tea tree oil.

You won't find anyone else who is more willing to share that information with you. I'll tell you straight up, you don't want to purchase cheap tea tree oil, unless you want to add it to paint for the outside of your barn to cut down on flies and mold. Purchase tea tree oil that meets your specific needs.

(By the Way...Here's one type of oil you probably don't want) so only purchase it at your own risk. If you want the cheap stuff, here it is. Visit this link to Purchase Tea Tree Oil Really Cheap This tea tree oil is a 20% solution for $1.54 an ounce. It comes in a clear plastic bottle, and so is subject to sunlight and UV rays. They may not be able to guarantee that it was packaged in the last 90 days, so the actual strength and quality can't be known for sure.

Why be concerned with clear plastic bottles? The tea tree offered is 4 fluid ounces. That is the same as 113.4 ml .

Tea Tree Oil should only be ...

  1. stored in glass bottles if greater in volume than 15ml
  2. in glass stored in cool dark places, like a medicine cabinet, because overexposure to light and heat will degrade it
  3. Tea Tree oil can be stored or shipped in metal containers like stainless steel or aluminum. I know that this is a shockwave to some folks senses hearing that tea tree oil can be stored in aluminum, but there are good reasons it's safe and beneficial to you. Tea Tree oil is a solvent, there is no pH to chemically alter or break down the aluminum. Unlike soda or beer, which contain some strong acids, solvents are pH neutral, so no corrosion can take place. Also, Aluminum and stainless keep out light and can be filled with nitrogen, to keep your tea tree oil from oxidation before you get to use it!

In Australia, there is an organization that monitors quality and sets quality standards. It is the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association or ATTIA.The standard they set is found athttp://www.teatree.org.au/teatree_about_packaging.php

"As part of its responsibility to consumers, the Australian tea tree industry adheres to stringent legal requirements than ensure the quality and safety of its products.

Pure tea tree oil of more than 15ml in volume is bottled in ribbed dark glass bottles and fixed with a child-proof safety cap. Tea tree oil sold in clear glass bottles of greater than 15ml volume is not 100% tea tree oil.** (15ml=@1/2 ounce)Pure tea tree oil should only be stored in clear glass containers for limited periods of time, as over-exposure to light will degrade its quality.

**( I have recently been in contact with a chemist who has shared publicly that glass,no matter whether clear, amber, brown or cobalt blue allows UV rays to pass equally as well. So, to stay safe, be sure to buy only tea tree oil in glass or metal bottles or containers.)

As members of the Australian tea tree industry are committed to excellence, all efforts are made to ensure that loss of quality does not occur during production, packaging and transport of their products."

3.) Purchase Tea Tree Oil
Only From Australia

The bottle may say Australian, but is it 100% Australian? You want to purchase Tea Tree Oil that is 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, and not some cheap oriental blend from ten different melaleuca species of tea tree, and possibly a blend with other oils that aren't even related to tea trees.

In Australia alone, there are 100's of varieties of melaleuca. Of these, only Melalueca Alternifolia is sold as 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil. The others may be 100% Tea Tree Oil, but from other species.

Melaleuca Alternifolia is originally from NSW Australia, and grows in other places, but the best tea tree oil comes from NSW Australia, just as the best wines in the world come from locations like the wine regions of France and California. If you want tea tree oil grown and produced under optimum conditions, purchase Tea Tree Oil that's Australian only!, and only from New South Wales Australia.

Tea Tree Oil is Produced all over Asia, including China. The trees are grown as ornamental shrubs all over the world, including many temperate areas of the USA and Europe. The Best is still grown in its natural environment.NSW Australia.

4.) Purchase the Right Kind of Oil for Your Needs

Cheap oils stink! They smell bad, and they can irritate your skin, and overwhelm your senses, and you just might end up hating the smell of the most helpful and useful essential oil on the planet!

If you are using tea tree oil on your hair, skin, or for oral and dental needs, only get top quality tea tree oil. A 55 Gallon drum of tea tree oil can cost upwards of $15,000.

But cheap oil has its place. It is extremely useful in machine "cutting oils" to minimize the risk of infection from metal shavings. It is great in paint to minimize mold and fungus growth. You might even think about adding it to laundry soap in small amounts for an antibacterial.

However great cheap tea tree oil might be for industrial and janitorial use, except in movies like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", household cleaners should not be used for cosmetic or therapeutic and topical applications.
(If you haven't seen the film, they used Windex window cleaner for everything that ailed them.)

If you are using tea tree oil to disperse into the air for fragrance, then purchase aromatherapy quality oils.

If you want tea tree oil for it's healing or therapeutic qualities, only purchase tea tree oil that's the best. Look for 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil from the Melaleuca Alternifolia shrub, packaged only in glass or metal bottles.

So, To sum it up...Here is your checklist when you purchase tea tree oil.

1.) Know Your Source- where is the tea tree oil from?

2.) only purchase Tea Tree Oil that comes From NSW Australia- Did your tea tree oil come from Australia ONLY? Is it from the Melaleuca Alternifolia species?

2.) purchase tea tree oil From Someone Who Knows Tea Tree Oil- the clerk at WalMart may be really friendly and helpful, but probably doesn't know tea tree oil

4.) purchase the Right Kind of Oil For Your Needs- purchase the cheap stuff for industrial and janitorial use, aromatherapy to fragrance the air or clean with, and high quality tea tree oil for your body, hair, skin, andpersonal care needs

That's it. 4 simple rules.

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