Will Tea Tree Oil Keep Fleas Away?

Can you use teatree oil on pets to keep fleas off of them? will it be safe for my pets?

Editors Note:

Tea Tree Oil is not recommended for keeping fleas off of pets, because cats, birds, and small dogs are unable to process tea tree oil effectively through their central nervous system.

100% Tea tree oil, when applied to pets can cause stupor, convulsions, and even death. Using tea tree oil sparingly and in the proper concentration for specific problems like ringworm. cuts, scratches, etc. should be taken with extreme caution. There are many more pet solutions available for small animals, that are far safer.

Tea tree oil has shown itself to be helpful for larger animals like horses, cattle, sheep and goats, because they have the ability to process the oils in their systems.

For your pets and other animals that are itching or have sores from the bites, I recommend Corigem Balm - Pet Wound, Itch, and Infection Skin Care - Great Antiseptic & Antifungal Spray for Dogs Cats and Horses

They claim...

✓ EXCLUSIVE CORIGEM BEE PROPOLIS: Corigem® products are extremely high in bioflavonoid and amino complexes. It is formulated with industry-leading ingredients which provide performance, purity and compatibility with your animal as well as the environment (1).
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✓ SAFE FOR YOUR PET: Non-stinging, non-toxic...safe if licked. All of our products are uniquely manufactured in a cruelty-free and FDA approved facility. Corigem® products are pH balanced, all natural & endorsed by Veterinarians for use by all animals. Contains no steroids, antibiotics or chloride ingredients (1).
✓ KEEPS YOUR PETS SKIN HEALTHY: Bacterial & fungal infections, skin irritations, wounds, girth itch, rain rot, mud fever, pigeon fever, land distemper, ear plaque, cracked hooves, mange, sweet itch, allergies, insect bites and other skin problems (1).
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