Viral infection barrier

by Jeff Alling
(Meridianville, AL, USA)

I've been using Tee Tree oil since first introduced to the product in the 1980s. I was a Jr. High school teacher in a private school and we used this product as a fund raiser for our 8th grade class trip. Been using the product personally since...

With the onset of COVID 19 (CCP Virus), I've been using Melaleuca oil as a respiratory supplement placing a drop from my finger to the area under my nostrils (I do have an advantage here since I have a mustache...). If the straight oil irritates the skin in the nasal area, you can cut it down with an oil of your choice, ie olive oil. I also use the essential oil on my mask when finding myself indoors in public (my wife and I are care givers for both our mothers so we "live" in a highly vulnerable "community", our home).

One additional note for any viral prevention protocol ... I highly recommend researching the addition of a sauna coupled with a means of rapid cool down (a stream, pool, even a water-sprinkler). I'm originally from MT and my "community" as I grew up all had wood fired saunas or, later, Native American sweat lodges (easily built outdoors with locally obtained materials. Do a little on-line research and discover the benefits of using the largest "cleansing organ" of your body-your skin! It really doesn't take waiting for "science" to be your savior (vaccine ??? kind of a scary thought). Oh, Tea Tree oil is a fantastic addition to any "wet" sauna, but remember, it only takes a little. Add couple drops to your water and pour it on the hot rocks... and breathe deeply:)

Anyway, just a couple thoughts.

Jeff & Darla
Meridianville, AL

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