how to use tea tree oil for dandruff

by Kevin
(Brampton ON)

I read your article about using 5% tea tree oil solution for dandruff. I would like to know what would happen if I put pure tea tree oil on my scalp instead of diluting it. Thank you for all your efforts.

Editors Comments:

If you use tea tree oil on your scalp without diluting it, it may further dry out your scalp. Tea tree oil can cause dryness and itching because it can remove oils from your skin. It may also cause some redness and sensitivity as well.

If you find that the tea tree oil at 5% is not effective then certainly you can increase the mix of shampoo and tea tree oil to a greater concentration. By experimentation, you'll find the mix that works best for you and your circumstances.

Personally, other than buying a great shampoo, my favorite is to mix tea tree oil with Lavender and Peppermint oils in the shampoo. I don't know why, but I really enjoy the tingling feeling from the mint, and the mix of mint and lavender blends well with the tea tree oil to create a really good smell.

Some folks who read this are going to cite the old "tea tree oil and lavender causes gynecomastia" line again, but there is insufficient evidence to support that claim. The study that the story comes from is based on three boys, not exactly a general or random sampling of the population.

Whats more, the study failed to look at any other environmental factors, including diet or exposure to chemicals like phalates, which are causing male fish in the Thames river to develop eggs in their testes.

Phalates are used extensively to make soft plastics, such as are used in beverage bottles, shampoo bottles, and other soft plastic containers.

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