Use Tea Tree Oil to Prevent Inflammation and Soothe your Body

This is another area where Tea Tree Oil has been used for decades by alternative practitioners in the treatment of muscle pain and aches.

From insect bite salves to rheumatic rubs and sports care products,there is much anecdotal evidence to support its use in this area.

Imagine being able to walk around with a little magical bottle of tea tree oil that calms inflamed muscles and soothes the skin from any insect bites... You Can!

The first clinical evidence that Tea Tree oil may be an anti-inflammatory able to relieve associated pain has been found in a study by College of Dentistry at the University of Tennessee in Memphis.

The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) in Australia has funded further research into how tea tree oil can aid as an anti-inflammatory while reducing the swelling after being bit from an insect.

We (my family) use pure tea tree oil tosooth mosquito bites and itchy, irritated skin. My wife carries around a small container the size of a nail polish bottle. It is the best first aid kit around. 

Tea Tree Oil For Inflammation And Also An Insect Repellent

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