Insect Repellent

Tea Tree Oil is also know for soothing pain and itching of a wasp or bee sting. Ever had an mosquito or insect bite drive you buggy with the itching? Let me share a few tips on using tea tree oil as a repellent for insects to help keep them away next time. The analgesic qualities together with its powerful solvent action (dissipating the venom) is what makes it so effective. Ask where to find pure Tea Tree Oil 

Here is my personal little recipe for soothing bites and stings...

Apply pure Tea Tree Oil directly to the bite or sting several times a day with a Q-tip or cotton swab stick. It will soothe the itching and will leave you in a state of comfort

The solvent properties of Tea Tree Oil help to penetrate the hard outer shell, or exoskeleton, of the insect and smother it. This being the case... It is an effective insecticide -- insect repellent, while the Terpenes that are present in the tea tree oil act as an bug repellent.

Tea Tree has been used for a number of years by doctors for the safe removal of parasites. With the growing concern over the safety of prescription lotions, it was refreshing to actually hear qualified doctors give their approval. A well-known physician and medical author, Dr. Andrew Weil, recommends the use of Tea Tree Oils for the treatment of head lice.

Insects and Tea Tree Oil, 

Questions, Stories, and Ideas

Please, if you have a story, idea, product, question, or use for tea tree oil and insects of any kind, this is the place to share it. 

People just like yourself are looking for answers to keep the mosquitoes, fleas, spiders, wasps, ants, ticks, no-see-ums, chiggers, and mites away. 

They probably have the same questions too. How to use tea tree, what to use it with, and how well it works, or doesn't.

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