Taking the Itch 
Out of a Mosquito Bite

Although your kids may want the latest mosquito bite ringtone, most of us at some point in the year, especially in warmer moist areas, are thinking of preventing bites.

I haven't met anyone yet who hasn't had an allergic reaction to mosquito bites, and I haven't found anyone yet who can take away the itch completely.

The best remedy is to keep the mosquitoes away in the first place. I really like to use an all natural insect repellent I've found made with over 30 different essential oils.

Besides prevention, the next best thing is fast relief for the bites you get. I have found that I can make my itchy bites feel better with just a few drops of tea tree oil 3 or 4 times every hour. Yep, the tea tree oil soothes the bite and relieves some of the itching.

Perhaps the antibacterial properties are effective, at least topically, should you squash the little bugger and you want to disinfect the blood and any bacteria that the mosquito is carrying.

Tea tree oil has shown itself to have antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties, and with it's penetrating action, not only soothes the bite, but may help prevent infection.

A good balm with tea tree oil, or some tea tree oil on the affected area is sure to help. Find the best source of tea tree oil to relieve your next mosquito bite , we also have an incredible repellent that some people report helps keep the mosquitoes away. Anytime you're outside where it's moist and warm, the mosquitoes seem to find people like me. I think I'm bait to keep everyone else safe.

Since I've been taking a good multi-vitamin I've had fewer bites, both from mosquitoes and from fleas that come off the dogs outside.

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