The Best
Tea Tree Oil...

Behind every bottle of the best tea tree oil is the experience of over 238 years. In 1770 Captain James Cook of the HMS Endeavor stepped ashore near what is modern-day Botany Bay Australia to find the aborigines using a local shrub as a beverage and as a powerful healing agent.

By drinking a tea from it's leaves and stems, or bathing in the fragrant, auburn tinted waters, the soothing Australian tea tree oil worked it's magical wonderful powers. Sure, it was nothing like the refined tea tree oil of today; but it was honest. It was the best tea tree oil Australia could offer at the time.

The best tea tree oil is produced from the very best tea tree oil plants that have been developed through scientific selection and breeding to produce the highest quality, the purest tea tree oil in the world.

An Expert Behind Every Bottle

Experts in the alternative health and nutritional supplements business have found the premier plantations growing only the finest high quality tea tree oil plants in all of Australia, and they buy only the best grown. Every single step of the process from seed to harvest, from harvest to distillation, and from distillation to every bottle of tea tree oil that has been supervised and carried out meticulously.

Tea Tree Oil in Plastic?

When purchasing tea tree oil always look for a glass bottle because the volatile tea tree oil passes on many of its strengths and properties directly through plastic. Tea tree oil breaks down in plastic, and greater concentrations of cymene develop, which is known to cause skin irritation. Any tea tree oil product stored in plastic has a shelf life of 90 days or less because of this.

Tea tree oil is stored best in dark glass bottles, because light can cause tea tree oil to break down into irritating compounds. Tea tree oil in a dark glass bottle may cost more than other brands, but you won't find any rancid, or bargain-basement oil sold off to an unsuspecting consumer because a plantation couldn't unload their cheap tea tree oil quick enough.

Avoid More Irritations

You can find less expensive tea tree oil, but if quality is more important than price, we recommend that you own premium quality oil.

Would You Like More Information On How To Pick The Best Tea Tree Oil Every Time? No Matter Where You Shop?

We've gone to the trouble of finding the purest and highest quality tea tree oil for you, because so many consumers purchase tea tree oil to solve irritations on their scalp or skin, and cheap tea tree oil that is full of cymenes will only cause more irritation.

Ask for any tea tree oil and you get the tea tree oil that best suits the purposes of your local mega-drugstore. They may care more for their profit than for your health. Ask for 100% pure Australian tea tree oil, and you get the best tea tree oil the world ever knew.

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