Genital Creams

Tea Tree Genital Creams And Douches To Soothe Pain Or Irritation

Many People today suffer from genital irritation and infection and have a hard time finding Genital Creams and Douches that will prevent and clear the area from infections and irritation. 

The unique penetrating tea tree oil helps to get rid of the dermal layers of the invading bacteria. It kills off the bacteria and also soothes the infected area with a nice cool mint scent. It is important to keep the area clean so that the infected area is no longer fed by the harmful bacteria.

Here is my personal little recipe for Soothing Genital Irritation and Infection using
Genital Creams and Douches...

Dilute 50% water and 50% tea tree oil and 
apply to the area of irritation and infection
by dabbing on affected areas.

It is also recommended to add several
drops of tea tree oil to lotions,
creams and soaps to keep repel bacteria.

Unfortunately for us humans, we have many sites that can harbor the pathogenic yeasts and bacterial that causes infection. Central heating synthetic underwear, tight-fitting clothes, etc., all add to the problem.

Fortunately there are many Tea Tree personal hygiene products on the market with plenty of clinical trials to back the claims that Tea Tree oil can effectively reduce harmful parasites that thrive in dark, warm places on the body.

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Tea Tree Oil In Genital Creams Can Also Help Treat Inflamation

Dr. Andrew Weil claims that, for vaginal yeast infections, "Tea Tree oil is at least effective as the usual prescription remedy."

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