Where do
Genital Warts

and Other Warts Come from?

Genital warts are a major problem for people all over the world. Folks are searching for answers to cure warts all over their bodies, but still, the most often searched for terms regarding warts and Tea Tree Oil are for HPV and warts afflicting us in our private areas. If you found this page by searching the engines, then, like most folks you want to know what causes different kinds of warts, what are the consequences of genital warts, and how to cure various warts, or how to use tea tree oil to treat warts,like anal warts, and planter warts. Maybe you'd like to find out about the different varieties of warts, but whatever reason brings you to this site, we want to help.

Rest assured, warts are not a new issue for mankind, in fact one of the earliest accounts of boils in the Bible, is suggested by some to be an outbreak of warts.

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Do frogs and toads cause warts?

There is an interesting story found in the Bible, in the book of Exodus. In the story, Moses is before Pharaoh, king of Egypt, asking that the children of Israel be allowed to leave Egypt to worship God. Pharaoh refuses, and God sends a series of plagues on them.

Let’s look at how it could happen, and why it has implications for us now regarding infectious warts. 
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Among the plagues, God strikes the Egyptians with boils on their bodies. Some have suggested that these boils were actually warts, but is it possible and why would it be important to know?

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