"Like many of you Eczema sufferers coming here for help, I too was left doing the same type of research for my own problems and trying to find the right eczema products. I was referred to many different dermatologists for skin care who gave me creams, lotions,and other medications to help me alleviate my symptoms."

Here in my home town winters were particularly difficult because it meant eczema season for me. The problem I was facing was my rashes which ranged from the back of my arms, and also on both of my legs which always flared up and became very irritating to handle.

Homeopathic Eczema Remedies

It was very difficult for me to explain to people who asked in the summer why my arms and legs were so scarred.It was very embarrassing to explain that I had those scars from scratching my rashes, the same rashes which were caused by my outbreaks throughout the years.

I was not getting any real results, and I was becoming more and more frustrated. I also did not want to keep using the products that I ended up paying a lot for, and not really getting the results I was promised.

At the time that I began looking into alternative solutions. I was considering many factors because I could not afford to keep forking out money for experimental medication, and also the prescribed medication.

I wanted to save the money for my new family and expenses because at the time my son Justin had just been born, and I wanted to take an active approach on my end to help my problem. I had plenty of questions about eczema, and wanted some answers.

I turned to natural tea tree oil products, and tried to find something that was less invasive to our bodies needs. Tea tree oil came into my life very early on. I learned about its disinfecting ingredients back when I was doing driveways for a living.

Very often I would get cuts on my hands from working with the machinery, and that is when I tried the tea tree oil to disinfect my hands. It really worked great without major hassles.

That was when I began to think and wonder about how far exactly this natural essential oil went in its healing ingredients, and what other ways it can help me and my family. In this case it was for my rashes and scarring.

There is no known Eczema cure, but herbs and other natural substances that have been found to be very effective for individuals who have not achieved the desired results from traditional medicine.

The dry, itching skin that follows a lot of skin conditions may be helped with products based on tea oil tree. These guidelines and treatment tips offer some information about eczema, its causes, and some suggestions about alternative, or complementary therapies.

Many patients have discovered that allopathic or Western Medicine does not always have success with eczema. Conventional treatment and complementary treatments should not be consider an 'either/or' condition. The best therapy is the one that works best for an individual and the only way to find it -- is by trying.

The various forms of dermatitis, while similar, have different causes, therefore, different treatments.

Generally, Eczema, or Dermatitis, as it sometimes called, is a collection of skin conditions that can affect people of all ages. The milder form is characterized by dry, hot, and itchy skin, but in the more severe form, the skin becomes cracked and has been known to bleed.

Although not contagious, it can be an embarrassment to many unfortunate individuals. Some conventional treatments can cause the skin to be less inflamed, but the skin is prone to additional flare-ups from time to time.

this article was written by Judd Burdon 

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