"Scabies and Mites in a losing battle with Tea Tree Oil!"

An article published on scabies and the emerging resistance to traditional treatments by the mite, Sarcoptes scabiei var hominis., points to Tea Tree Oil as an interesting possible alternative medicine. The news was published in the Archives of Dermatology, Vol. 140 No. 5, May 2004.

The magazine is published under the American Medical Association, and I quote from their Conclusions section,

"Documentation of resistance against antiectoparasitic compounds is increasing.
Reported S scabiei treatment failures with lindane, crotamiton, and benzyl benzoate, as well as likely emerging resistance to 5% permethrin and oral ivermectin, are of concern and advocate for the identification and development of novel acaricidal drugs.

Tea tree oil is a membrane-active biocide extracted from the tree M alternifolia. It is a principal antimicrobial in a wide range of pharmaceuticals sold in Australia, with the main active component being oxygenated terpenoids. The results suggest that TTO has a potential role as a new topical acaricide and confirm terpinen-4-ol as the primary active component."

You can read a summary of the article on the first link and see the Archives of Dermatology article in the second link listed by the article titles-

Tea Tree Oil May Be Used to Treat Scabies

Acaricidal Activity of Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) Oil The results of the tests showed that Tea Tree Oil may be quicker in killing the mites than some other treatments. Knowing this and that Tea Tree Oil is rapidly absorbed through the skin, it may prove to be an effective treatment. All of the mites were dead within three hours in 100% Tea Tree oil.

"With 5% TTO, all scabies mites were dead within three hours...After one hour of exposure, only 10% of mites tested against 5% permethrin and ivermectin...were dead"

Laurie Barclay, MD
from the article "Tea Tree Oil May Be Used to Treat Scabies"
May 20, 2004

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