Headlice on the increase in developed nations!

"Headlice are once again becoming a public health issue of greater concern. As the influx of third world immigrants and illegal aliens continues to rise, and as the memory of infestations of days gone by fade, head lice are making a strong comeback."

Simple sanitary procedures and education helped to virtually eliminate the problem, but now we need a new education program.

Parents and relatives are bound to feel a measure of disgust and embarrassment when someone in their house becomes infested because this has almost always been associated with poor hygiene and a lack of education. 

Unfortunately this bug knows no social or economic bounds, especially when public schools come into play. It won't take long with all the contact children have with each other in school, a shared brush, a ball cap or hat tried on, a team helmet, or sitting on furniture recently occupied by someone with headlice is all it takes.

Head lice have provided some interesting colloquialisms to the American vocabulary, and I am sure to others as well. For instance, someone who is of bad or low character could be called a louse. All this does is add to the feelings of self abasement, and social isolation.

It's of little comfort then, that head lice are affecting nearly every social and economic strata. They have truly become an equal opportunity pest. Let's take a look on the next page at some of the treatment options available for headlice eradication Some treatment options involve toxic chemicals, some are home remedies like tea-tree-oil, and some should most likely never be used.

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