Tea Tree Oil
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You've come to the right page for tea tree oil cold sore treatment ideas and tips. Tea tree oil is not the only herb or essential oil useful for a speedy recovery from aphthous ulcers. Browse our pages to get more ideas on how to eliminate the pain quickly from an infected canker sore or just to speed your body 's canker sore healing.There are at least four exciting herbs commonly used for either the soreness or the relief of cold sores.

All of these herbs for cold sores are easy to obtain, some of them are readily available in your local supermarket.

Tea tree oil, cloves, star anise, and licorice have all been recommended as home remedies and cold sore remedies either because of their numbing effects, their antiseptic qualities, or both.

The first of these herbs, is tea tree oil. Because cold sores may be caused in part by bacteria, viruses, or fungus like yeasts, a tea tree oil cold sore treatment may have an antiseptic action. Although doctors and nutritionists alike cannot discern the cause of canker sores, many factors are possible culprits.

Tea tree oil works in part because of its numbing sensation. A tea tree oil cold sore treatment or canker sore remedy relies on the oil as a solvent that rapidly penetrates dermal layers to reach deep into the soreness caused by your canker sore. It has a cooling sensation similar to menthol, although its distinctive taste is sometimes overbearing.

If the canker sore is located inside of your cheek, you can try placing a drop or two on the outside skin of your cheek, because it will penetrate from the outside in also.. You can prove this to yourself even without a canker sore. Dab a drop of tea tree oil on your cheek, and within 30 seconds you will most likely taste it in your mouth. This is the same action a tea tree oil cold sore treatment would have.Anotherbenefit of tea tree oil is that it may help prevent an infected canker sore.

An infected canker sore can occur because of foreign matter, bacteria, viruses, or fungus spores entering the open sore.

Because of its antiseptic action, tea tree oil may be one of the better canker sore treatments.

Most mouth canker sores cure themselves within two weeks, but using a cold sore remedy may cause more rapid relief. Tea tree oil can help with a ton the canker sore if you can stand the taste. Even with its strong flavor, as one of those natural cold sore remedies, it may get your canker sore healing in record time!

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