Licorice For Canker Sores and Cold Sores

How can you use licorice for canker sores?

In a study published in the March/April 2008 issue of General Dentistry, recurrent aphthous ulcers were tested against a relatively new licorice for canker sores treatment.

The report was prepared by a team of four dentists and doctors who conducted a study of Cankermelts, the dissolving oral patch made with Glycyrrhiza complex herbal extract, otherwise known as licorice extract. 

Licorice root was used as a prescribed treatment for gastric ulcers until the 1970s.

In a 1989 study was undertaken to investigate licorice root for the treatment of canker sores.

Sadly, the flavor and concentration of the licorice root extract in a warm water solution was too much for most patients to stand. It was just too strong.

Unfortunately, even though the licorice extract proved to be a very effective treatment for canker sores, it proved to be difficult to convince patients to use the licorice for canker sores treatment consistently.

Researchers have now developed a new licorice for canker sores treatment.

After years of research and testing Cankermelts was developed. It was found that this dissolving oral patch would shorten healing time and reduced lesion size in pain when placed in topical contact with the canker sore.

For healing canker sores and other ordinary mouth ulcers, including denture sores and sores resulting from braces or biting the lip or cheek. Guaranteed to heal new canker sores in 1 to 4 days or your money back. The ONLY medication that applies the soothing ingredient GX - providing pain relief without numbing.* Easy-to-use time-release discs deliver GX directly to the sore for 2-6 hours with no unpleasant taste.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.."

Researchers have also developed a product to prevent the development of canker sores for individuals prone to the ulcers. Avamin Melts contain a bioactive form of vitamin B12, and used once daily prevented canker sores in up to 77% of users.

Considered all natural canker sore remedies, they may just prevent you from suffering anymore Clinical studies have shown that, for some people, hyper levels of vitamin B12 results in a lower incidence of painful canker sores.

Vitamin B12, as it appears in most supplements, takes the form of cyanocobalamin and must first be processed by the liver before becoming usable by human cells. Avamin Melts include a bioactive form of B12, the same state B12 takes after being processed in the human liver.

This makes it instantly usable by the lining cells of the mouth to achieve hyper levels of B12 exactly where it's needed: your mouth.Avamin Melts are to be used on a daily basis like a regular vitamin supplement.

The time-release technology ensures that a therapeutic level of Avamin is delivered consistently and effectively.

The adhering discs mean that you can even use them overnight, while you sleep.

Treating your canker sores have never been easier!

Warning Signals: Check with your doctor before you take any dietary supplement, including vitamins and minerals. If your doctor starts you on a supplement, watch for warning signals that could indicate problems: stomach discomfort, pain, headache, rashes, or even vague symptoms like tiredness, dizziness, or lethargy.

Safety & Storage Instructions: Please refer to labeled dosage instructions. The dosage information can be found in the “Directions”section of the label on the product’s box.

You can also may find the dosage information on the product’s webpage located on this website. Please be sure to read all information located in this section. When using any product, it should be used before its expiration date.

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