Aphthous Stomatitis

What is aphthous stomatitis? You've heard it said "children should be seen and not heard", well, a similar statement should be made about canker sores. Perhaps a statement more like canker sores should never be seen or heard from again.

Even though no one else usually knows you have one of those mouth ulcers, you sure know it.

Canker sores usually appear as a little white ulcer with a red border on the inside of your mouth. Although small, they can feel as large and painful as if all of Mount Vesuvius were in your mouth!

Every time you open your mouth to talk, take a bite, or drink something a little acidic the explosive pain erupts in your mouth.

What Causes Canker Sores?

Also known as aphthous stomatitis, a more technical name for canker sores, they are kind of a medical mystery. Doctors and nutritionists are unable to give a firm reason why some people frequently get those stinging the sores on their tongues, gums and sheiks.

Some feel heredity may play a role, but more commonly it's stress, poor diet, reactions to certain foods, and abrasions caused by coarse foods or even dentures.

The Fastest Way to Get Rid Of Canker Sores

Even though they go away in a relatively short time by themselves, typically 10 to 14 days, there are a variety of ways to speed up the healing. Some of the more common topical agents include vitamin E. oil, tea tree oil, and some over-the-counter ointments or rinses like the Orajel Antiseptic Mouth Sore Rinse, 16 Fluid Ounce rinse to numb the pain.

One of the most exciting treatment options discussed recently was an article in ScienceDaily.com, showing that licorice extract provides a new treatment option for canker sores. The means of delivery in their study was through a medicated adhesive patch. The product used in the study of licorice extract on aphthous stomatitis was Cankermelts from Orahealth.

A little about the Orahealth Cankermelts-GX 18 Patches...

For healing canker sores and other ordinary mouth ulcers, including denture sores and sores resulting from braces or biting the lip or cheek.

Guaranteed to heal new canker sores in 1 to 4 days or your money back. The ONLY medication that applies the soothing ingredient GX - providing pain relief without numbing.*

Easy-to-use time-release discs deliver GX directly to the sore for 2-6 hours with no unpleasant taste.

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