Cloves for
Canker Sores?

Cloves for canker sores?

This common spice available on most kitchen spice racks, is a favorite for reducing or eliminating oral pain, sometimes immediately.

When it comes to cold sore remedies and canker sore treatments, cloves are sometimes overlooked. 

Clove oil is still used routinely in dental applications to numb injection sites and work as an antiseptic during dental procedures. It only makes sense when working towards canker sore healing that she would want to use something that might help prevent an infected canker sore. 

How to use Cloves for Canker Sores

How can you use cloves for canker sores? Well, you could buy a small bottle of clove oil, and mix it with olive oil, almond oil, or a favorite among some nutritionists, coconut oil. Usual dilution rate is about 1 to 10, or 1 to 20 parts of oil. Coconut oil may be the best because it has shown itself to have some effect against bacterial agents.

You could also get cloves in the spice Isle and grind them in a small spice mill, like the ones used to grind coffee. These little electric mills usually run about $15.. Apply the fine powder to the individual canker sores.

A third means of using cloves as a canker sore treatment is to make tea and add a few cloves to your cup. This is probably the least effective method.

Don't forget a little Tea Tree Oil

Finally, after applying clove oil or clove powder to your canker sore you might want to dab a few drops of tea tree oil on the site. Tea tree oil will help to reduce the inflammation and speed your mouth on its way as your body works to heal your canker sore.

Clones are excellent antiseptic because they have a high level eugenol. The eugenol is useful for several reasons. Not only has it been used for centuries to stimulate digestion, restore appetite, and relieve flatulence, it's also an anti-parasitic.

Key to its effectiveness for cold sores though, is its mild anesthetic effect and this is why it's used so often for toothaches.

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