Cold Sore Remedy

A quick and easy Cold Sore Remedy is to apply 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil 3 times a day. It may stop the sores from spreading and 
disinfect the area.


So many of you are here looking for a cold sore remedy.It is a common, contagious viral infection (herpes simplex). You can expect healing in a few days to a week, occasionally longer. Recurrence is common.

The virus remains in the body for life, but it usually remains at rest. Very rare complications include herpes infection in the eye or widespread infection in people with eczema.


The eruption usually consists of very small, painful blisters-usually around the mouth. Sometimes other skin areas may be included.

The blisters are grouped together and surrounded by a red ring. They fill with fluid, then dry up and disappear. If the eye is infected there is eye pain, redness, and a feeling that something is in the eye.

There is also sensitivity to light and tearing. (If you suspect that your eye is infected, you must contact your ophthalmologist immediately, since herpes infection in the eye can damage your sight.

Tea tree oil can be used as a cold sore remedy, but at this point and time eye drops have not been made from tea tree oil for this type of solution. Never put tea tree oil in your eye! It will sting and may require medical attention. If you get the oil in your eye rinse it thoroughly with clean water for 5 to 15 minutes. Call your doctor for advice.


The virus is transmitted by person-to-person contact or by contact with body fluids from an infected person. The blisters and ulcers of herpes simplex are contagious until they heal, both in the initial occurrence and in succeeding flare-ups.

The risk of sores increases with people who have eczema, physical or emotional stress, illness that has lowered resistance.

The stress could come from many sources, including a cold, minor gastrointestinal upset, fever from any cause, excess sun exposure, menstrual periods, or dental treatments that stretch the mouth, or even the use of certain medicines.

Not to worry, tea tree oil will serve as a cold sore remedy complementing your bodies defenses and possibly helping with the side effects.

ARE THERE ANY RESTRICTIONS ON ACTIVITY? For this type of cold sore remedy there are no major restrictions on activity, except to avoid close contact that could spread the virus to someone else. Do not rub or scratch an infected eye, and do not try and treat an infected eye without consulting your doctor.

Wash your hands often during a flare-up to avoid spreading the virus. Do not use cosmetics directly on the involved skin. If you must use lipstick, be certain to use a disposable lip brush for application.

You should notify your doctors office if any signs of secondary bacterial infection, such as fever, pus instead of clear fluid in the lesion, headache, and muscle aches, or eruption of lesions on the genitals similar to those around the mouth.

Tea Tree Oil For A Cold Sore Remedy And Also Canker Sores 

To prevent recurrence, you should avoid physical contact with others who have active lesions.

Approximately 30% t0 40% of the population will have a cold sore sometime in their life. In some individuals a cold sore may continue to recur, especially following a fever, stress, or exposure to the sun.

The herpes simplex virus causes a cold sore. This is in contrast to a canker , which is a different type of infection, and their cause is unknown.

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