Canker Sore

If you have ever had canker sore nightmares, here's a tale you'll relate to. Looking for mouth sore relief here's what not to do.

I found this story on an Internet health forum and thought that I would retell it in my own words.

It seems that this fellow, let's call him Mr. Smith, was googling for a canker sore remedy. It seems he was so relieved to find so many great responses and ideas for remedies that he thought he would try several of them all at once.

So he chose three, two of which were likely to do little except inflame an already tormented mouth sore. He chose to use alum, hydrogen peroxide, and aspirin.

Of the three, hydrogen peroxide was probably the best choice, because of its antiseptic action.

After Mr. Smith went to the store to buy his items, he started with the alum.

He dipped a wet finger into the alum powder and applied it to a fairly large canker sore situated on his lower gum. He reports that it stung like salt on an open wound! Luckily, this stinging subsided and now only felt like he was being cut with a butcher knife. 

Taking a breather from his self treatment, he tried to relax for half an hour.

Not having enough fun for one afternoon he again proceeded to the bathroom where he rinsed his mouth with water and spent another quarter of an hour in front of the mirror soaking his mouth with hydrogen peroxide.

The pain was incredible but eventually subsided to a pounding throbbing pulse.

The full effect of the alum combined with the hydrogen peroxide then started to kick in.

His mouth began watering excessively. The overabundance of hydrogen peroxide finally stopped foaming so he rinsed his mouth well and proceeded to rest for another 30 minutes while waiting for the dull and throbbing ache to subside.

Since chancre sores are aggravated by acidic foods, beverages, and substances, you should avoid acid foods or applying acidic substances to them.  Aspirin, also known as salicylic acid, is one of those things.

It felt like he'd been punched in the face several times. His bottom lip was puffy, his gum was sore everywhere except for the canker sore.

Mr. Smith carefully crushed an aspirin and applied the powder to his aphthous ulcer. He reports that the aspirin did not burn as much as the alum had. Now his mouth was feeling a little like he had been in a bar room brawl. After punishing himself with the aspirin poultice for 15 minutes, he rinsed the aspirin down with a cold beer. Several hours later and a six pack or so later, the pain was beginning to subside.

Hopefully, you won't have the same experience in treating yours with home remedies. If you are in doubt, remember to always check with your physician for medical advice or treatment.

Tea Tree Oil for Canker Sores Remedy

There have been times when I have had a painful canker sore come on and an easy relief for me has been a tea tree oil and clove essential oil rub.  Clove is so so powerful and found in many dental pain relieving products.

 When making your own it only takes a drop per teaspoon with a carrier oil such as olive or coconut oil and then a few drops of tea tree. Apply gently with a q-tip or your finger.

If the relief is not enough the clove can be increased a drop at a time in the carrier oil, but never put clove on by itself as it will cause irritation and soreness.

Tea Tree Oil  Remedy for Fever Blisters and
Cold Sores

For an external sore on or near your lip, tea tree oil can be a healing and soothing remedy.  Always use fresh, pure oil and again a few drops in a carrier oil can be gently applied a few times a day with a Q-tip.

 Lysine capsules have worked for me to take internally along to help fight the virus causing the blisters.

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