Natural Healing Tea Tree

"I find it truly amazing that something so natural can have such a tremendous natural healing benefit for the skin and on the body."
(Christina Paige of Montreal, Que. Canada)

Tea Tree Oil is a powerful antiseptic that makes it a wonderful support to the body, one which is relatively gentle to the skin. It penetrates and heals while being kind to healthy tissue.

It is A Natural Antiseptic oil. Which is steam distilled from the leaf of Melaleuca Alternifolia.

Tea Tree Oil is used for natural healing and has been Tried and Tested Since 1900. The results are amazing! I have still not been able to find a better natural solution to so many maladies...

Did You know That Tea Tree Oil Is Used In Dentistry?

It is a natural healing solution that is used to heal wounds, cuts or abrasions in the mouth or externally. Although Tea Tree 
Oil is not recommended for internal natural healing use -- It is just too strong of a solution...

(In the scenario that Tea Tree is consumed internally, please drink many glasses of 
water and consult a doctor immediately.)

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How Tea Tree Oil Makes A Difference In Everyday Life


Add 5 or 10 drops of the pure oil to a high quality facial cleanse several times a day as a topical antiseptic. Use a 10% solution of tea tree oil and water to rinse the face or area of pimples.


Mix 4 or 5 drops of oil in a small amount of olive oil and massage the sore joints. Or, add 2 or 3 drops to a specially formulated pain cream.(I personally have not used tea tree oil for arthritis but have heard of cases where it soothed the area of pain due to it's cold oil properties.)


Wash feet thoroughly with soap and water. Apply the tea tree oil directly to the feet.

Soothing And Alleviating Athletes Foot


This can help your bodies defense systems to heal and prevent infection.


I believe that tea tree oil is effective as an internal agent and a surface healer due to it's unique penetrating action. Try this to see for yourself, just put one drop of tea tree oil on your cheek, and within 30 seconds you'll be able to taste it in your mouth. This is because it quickly penetrates the skin flesh, going straight to the source of pain and swelling.

CANKER SORES Use this trick at the first sign of a problem.

COLD SORES This could stop the sore from developing.


Sprinkle a few drops on a cloth and breathe through the nose and exhale through the mouth or add tea tree oil to a nebulizing diffuser to fill a whole room with tea tree oil vapors while you rest or sleep. 


Add pure oil to steaming water or vaporizer and inhale. Rub the oil on the chest and back.


Add tea tree oil to shampoos to promote a healthy scalp and normal functioning hair follicles.

Tea Tree Oil Is Added To Hair Care Products To Get Rid Of Dandruff


Dilute 50% water and 50% tea tree oil apply to the rash by dabbing on affected areas.


Five drops of oil can be mixed with five drops of olive oil. Warm slightly (make sure it is not too hot) and drop a small amount into the ear.


Apply tea tree oil directly to the area or add tea tree oil to creams, lotions and soap for full natural healing results.


An undiluted solution can be applied to the nails two to three times a day to eliminate infection.

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Rub sore gums with tea tree oil. Add a few drops to a glass of water and rinse in the mouth.

Tea Tree Oil In Oral And Dental Products To Sooth Sore Gums And Oral Infections.


For pain and discomfort in the joints, tea tree oil can be rubbed directly on the affected areas.


Use six to ten drops of oil in a cup of hot water and inhale gently for a few minutes. It can be put in a vaporizer at night. The oil can also be rubbed under the nose.


Apply oil directly to the affected area.

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Add a few drops of the oil to bath water and soak. Rub directly on the painful areas.


Apply directly to the area affected or add tea tree oil to lotions, creams, and soaps for full Natural Healing results.

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Apply tea tree oil directly to the area to kill infection.


Use the pure oil in boiling water and gently inhale the vapores.


Add a few drops of tea tree oil to vitamin E or aloe Vera lotion. Apply a few times a day to relieve pain, redness and inflammation.

It's Amazing that something so natural can be applied in so many different ways.

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