Tea Tree Oil for Acne 
The Natural Acne Treatment ?

What is Acne

Tea tree oil for acne is creating quite a stir on the Internet. Of all the natural treatments and topical agents available, tea tree oil is one of the widely available and inexpensive of them all.

But does Tea Tree Oil work, and if it works, does it work as well or better than what your doctor or over the counter pharmacy can provide?

I'll try to help you wade through these questions, and give a brief overview of the subject. The first stop you might want to make, if you want the basics, is our page "What is Acne?" 

I've tried to put together some of the best ideas and a few old wives tales/home remedy solutions into one page for your use.

When treating acne, there are a ton of over-the-counter acne treatments available.

An acne treatment or acne medication might come in the form of an acne cream, or over-the-counter pharmaceutical acne.

Some acne products, such as using tea tree oil for acne, are not medicines, but topical acne treatments made with natural essential oils and extracts.

There is also more than one great acne treatment system. That's why we've developed pages about the following acne treatments

You 'll find more informatiion also at some of these other pages as well.

What causes acne?

Is it the food you eat? Soft drinks? Chocolate and candy or ice cream? Are you deficient in some sort of nutrient?

Get a quick overview of the effects of hormones, stress, and bacteria on your system and sebaceous glands, and an overall picture of any changes that might help you overcome your skin blemishes. You'll want to turn to our page on What Causes Acne

Types of Acne

Sure, it goes by all kinds of names, some not so nice and some just plain descriptive. Pimples, zits, whiteheads and blackheads. They're all names for different types of acne, like cystic acne, acne vulgaris, acne rosacea, and various kinds of abscesses and cysts. 

Acne Rosacea and Baby Acne

Besides adult acne and teen acne, what about acne rosacea and baby acne. Aren't they all the same? Is back acne the same as cystic acme? You want to look at baby acne and acne rosacea

Scalp Acne

If you've been breaking out on top of your head and can't seem to figure out why, here's a few ideas. Scalp Acne affects more men than women, and there are things you can do to minimize it.

Read our page on scalp acne and see if the same tea tree oil for acne may help your scalp condition as well.

Acne Vulgaris

There are differences in the types and forms of acne, some aren't really acne at all. The most common of all though is acne vulgaris, so named because it affects nearly everyone at some time.

Genital Acne

What's the difference between genital acne and a more insidious infection?

If you or someone you're close to has an infection of a more personal nature, you'll want to find out if it's herpes or merely genital acne.

This page can help you make a decision.

Acne Medication

When it comes to acne medications, what's better Adapalene or some other acne cream treatment? How about benzoyl peroxide or tea tree oil blemish sticks? And what about Retin-A?

Don't miss the page on the evidence one study provided that tea tree oil for acne may be as effective as benzoyl peroxide. The study was conducted with a group of 120 participants in Australia. Find out why tea tree oil may be a great alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide against Acne

Acne Scars

How about getting rid of acne scars once they've developed? Is there any hope? Are there any treatments available? What works the best? Are there any cheap solutions? Can using tea tree oil for acne remove acne scars? We try to help you with some of those answers on our page about getting rid of acne scars

Using Microdermabrasion to Get Rid of Acne Scars

One of the most widely available treatments for acne scars is microdermabrasion. An acne treatment that can be accomplished oftentimes at home, but more widely offered through spas, salons, and dermatologists, take a look at how microdermabrasion can help rid your complexion of acne scars

Laser Acne Treatment and Laser Acne Scar Removal

The use of Lasers to treat Acne Scars is perhaps one of the most exciting developments of this generation. Find out if this might be an option in restoring your skins perfect appearance.

Natural Acne Treatment

What kind of nutritional support is available? Are there any herbs or homeopathic treatments that really work?

I have noted some acne natural remedies besides tea tree oil for acne. One in particular concerns probiotics as an aid to not only improved skin but overall health.

Where can I find a good homeopathic treatment? What are some good herbs? Will a cleanse help to get rid of acne? Take a look and find out more at our herbs for acne page.

Recommended tea tree oil for acne

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