Herbs for Acne...
How to Help Your Body 
Overcome Acne Nutritionally

Are herbs for acne really helpful?

Among health-food nutritionists, the general consensus is that acne is a sign of toxicity within the blood and lymph node systems.

So how do you go about cleaning up your system to help it overcome your acne situation? 

The first step to consider might just be a cleanse and detoxification process.

What I see so often on the Internet Forums and message boards is people attempting to use Tea Tree Oil as a primary care source for acne.

Tea Tree oil is actually most beneficial in a supporting role, kind of like the backup vocals and musicians in a band.

We need to address the source of the acne, the root of the cause.

“ Remove the cause and
the effect will cease”
Samuel Thomson - 18th Century Herbalist

In order to cleanse the blood and lymph systems, a good colon cleanse and a strengthening of your liver and kidneys and their ability detoxify is critical.

Your body can't absorb the proper nutritional supplements and process all the beneficial ingredients necessary for a strong immune system and quick healing by your body without a clean burning system in place. 

A good allegory of this, would be to picture the difference between a clean engine and one that has fouled spark plugs, a carbon choked exhaust system, and rusted pistons.

You just can't get the same performance out of a filthy engine, and you can't get good performance out of a filthy body system.

There are several herbs for acne, herbal combinations and herbal teas that have helped people get their systems clearing up cases of acne. Among them are the single herbs... Burdock, Fenugreek, Yellow Dock, Cascara Sagrada, Oregon Grape, and Chickweed

And as combination herbal products..

Essiac Tea, made from 
Burdock Root
Sheep Sorrel (aerial parts)
Slippery Elm bark
Turkey Rhubarb root

All Cell Detox (NSP) which contains

Gentian root
Irish moss plant
cascara sagrada bark

safflower flowers
Black wallet hulls
myrrh gum
yellow dock root
dandelion root
Oregon grape root and rhizome
catnip leaves
cyani flowers
chickweed leaf extract
Parthenium root
uva ursi leaf extract
goldenseal root extract

Liver Cleanse Formula is a blend of herbs and nutrients specially formulated to nourish the liver and to support natural cleansing functions.Together, the ingredients of Liver Cleanse have been formulated to provide nutritional support to the liver and gallbladder, promote cleansing and detoxification and support digestive function. This formula consists of herbs historically used to cleanse, detoxify and nourish, and provide support to the gastrointestinal tract.

Contains the following herbs for acne:
Red beet root
Dandelion root
Parsley herb
Horsetail herb
Yellow dock root
Black cohosh root
Birch leaves
Blessed thistle herb
Angelica root
Chamomile flowers
Gentian root
Goldenrod herb 

How come my skin is so greasy?

Certain fats and oils can be irritating to the system, especially hydrogenated oils. Fortunately there are lots of choices besides hydrogenated fats, including the olive oil, grape seed oil, flax seed oil and others. Both burdock and chickweed are effective in helping the body to properly metabolize fats.

The reason you might want to consider a high quality multivitamin pack along with any acne reduction program, is because certain fat soluble vitamins are anti-oxidants, helping protect against the oxidation of fats.

When that becomes oxidized, it goes rancid. Rancid fats are not anything you want circulating in your body, and your skin is one of the means of expelling those toxic fats.

Because fats become oxidized in your system at times, this may help to explain why when taking large doses of vitamin A some people have reported their cases of acne clearing up.

Are there any special nutritional herbs for teens with acne?

For teens, common nutritional supplements and herbs for acne, and to help balance the hormones are chaste tree berries, sarsaparilla, and dong quai.

Sarsaparilla has traditionally been a blood purifier and male tonic, and dong quai is typically considered a female tonic. One of these three herbs for acne may be helpful or beneficial in clearing up teenage acne.

So what would be a recommended nutritional process?

First, a good colon cleanse System combining several herbal tools, a cleansing and detoxifying program, is the best value, especially when combined with our Super Trio Vitamin pack,rather than buying the above individual herbs or products.
It includes the 
Liver Balance,
All Cell Detox,
Psyllium Hulls,
and Black Walnut.

Second, after cleansing build up your system with a few of the following items. Probiotics, vitamins,minerals, and essential fatty acids. Our Super Trio Vitamin pack has vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, all in to-go packs.

Third, continue with a good skin cleansing program.Add a few drops of tea tree oil to each use of facial cleanser. Then rinse and pat dry as usual. Remember, tea tree oil is effective for acne at concentrations as low as 5 or 10%. Many people are going overboard and drying out there skin and causing greater irritation than existed before they started using any tea tree oil at all!. 

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