Baby Acne

Baby acne, also known as acne neonatorum effects about 2 out of every 10 babies. It seems that boys are more often affected than girls.

There have been a lot of researchers have tried to determine the causes of baby acne, pointing at environmental factors or hormones passed to the child during child birth especially to male children. It's thought that these hormones may create the imbalance in the skin and pores.

What is probably most likely use a combination of environmental factors.

These would include soap from clothes or soaps intended for adult use, saliva or spit up but has remained too long on sensitive skin, or vigorous scrubbing.

Applying oils or lotions to the affected area will probably just make it worse.

When washing a baby's skin, particularly newborns, oftentimes the best cleaning solution is a little plain water and a soft cloth.

Baby acne most often appears on the chin, cheeks, and on the nasal bridge just above the upper lip. This may be distressing to parents partially because of its usual timing. The acne usually occurs when the baby is gaseous and fussy, and the parents are experiencing the greatest amount of sleep deprivation. 

Acne Rosacea

Besides a possible genetic link, rosacea can be aggravated by sun exposure, Helicobacter pylori bacteria that is associated with stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal disease ,and foods and medications that cause blood vessels to widen.

Some feel rosacea may be caused by a skin mite, Demodex follicular, that lives in hair follicles. If your particular case of rosacea is caused by these skin mites, tea tree oil may be a helpful remedy.

If you are looking for a natural remedy for rosacea, a good herbal remedy might be found in herbs noted for their antibacterial properties. Among the herbs noted for antibacterial activity, are the herbs Echinacea, Cats Claw or Uno de Gato, Pau D'Arco, Goldenseal, and Oregon Grape.

Acne rosacea is not really acne at all. Rather, it is a form of rosacea that often mimics the appearance of Acne because of red bumps or pustules.

Certain foods, although high in antibacterial activity may actually aggravate rosacea, this might include Garlic, Onions, and other hot or spicy foods. A soothing and possibly antibacterial beverage might be a tea made from licorice root. 

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