Tea tree oil is 
a natural acne treatment 
that can help 
your face look its best

Face it, you're looking for a great acne treatment, and tea tree oil is proving itself to be an effective tool.

The tea tree is good at fighting a number of bacterial, fungal, and viral agents. Although it's a useful natural solution, it's not as strong as some antibiotics available.

That can be good news, because there are often fewer side effects with treatments like tea tree oil when a stronger antiseptic may not be necessary.

Tea tree oil has been tested since the 1920's, but not all of the research has been scientifically documented, and some is outdated, and therefore viewed as merely anecdotal.

Just looking at the research available, natural skin treatments can be a viable alternative, especially if you have sensitive skin, or want to stay away from a chemical treatment like Benzyl peroxide.

What Research?

In a study done at the Department of Dermatology at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Camperdown, NSW, Australia one hundred and twenty four patients were studied.

The patients were divided into two groups, 63 patients were treated with a 5% Benzyl Peroxide lotion and 61 patients with a 5% Tree Tea Oil gel.

Of those treated with benzyl peroxide 50(or 79%) of them reported some side effects versus 27(or 44%) of those treated with with Tea tree oil gel.

Some people feel that by a proper diet and skincare regimen skin blemishes can be reduced, even though there are lots of food myths concerning what causes or prevents it.

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Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking enough water to help your body flush away waste products, and taking a great multivitamin and mineral complex, and perhaps additional nutritional support from an herbal complex, can all help your body have the necessary nutrients to build healthy skin and less acne.

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