Tea Tree Oil for Bacteria

Get Tea Tree Oil for bacteria if you haven't already.

Your house may be crawling with more bugs than you ever imagined! It seems that according to a study done in Finland in 2003, common household dust is teaming with bacteria.

There's mounting evidence that tea tree oil may be one of the most effective natural mold killing products available.

What the Researchers found out ...

The researchers examined samples of dust taken from hard surfaces and to nursing homes located in different small towns. The samples were taken at different times during the course of a year. Each time, four samples were taken at each building.

Samples were taken from floors, tables, and other hard surfaces. What they found would be shocking to most of us! You may want to start thinking about how to use tea tree oil for bacterial disinfection.

Bacteria that normally belong inside the human gut, were commonly present on hard surfaces. Bacteria like Staphylococcus, and Streptococcus.

They claim almost 500 bacterial species were found in the dust samples. I'm thankful to know of the effects of antibacterial tea tree oil.(I'd like to offer a gentle reminder, never use tea tree oil internally.)

"I'm sick of this place...."

You really might be able to get sick from a building! Perhaps this is one reason that it is so easy to "pick something up" somewhere.

The scientists felt that this provided a pretty good picture of the kind of bacteria and microbes that people are exposed to in many different kinds of indoor environments.

What's more, the types of bacteria differed according to the season, and according to each building.

The scientists admitted that most studies in the past have focused on indoor fungus infestations. So now it may not just be mold you need to worry about. Thank goodness for antibacterial tea tree oil!

Tea tree oil kills bacteria.

Tea tree oil has shown itself to be effective in killing bacteria.

You can disinfect an entire room with a high quality tea tree oil gel like SafeTAir.

SafeTAir can easily cover 400 to 800 square feet, is silent,lasts for up to 45 days, and can enhance the aroma is in an entire room or part of the house.

If you'd like to read more, and the article that this information came from, you can go to

ScienceDaily 9 April 2008. 9 April 2008

Cleaning with tea tree oil for bacteria disinfection

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