Household Cleaning Products

Household Cleaning Products 
With Tea Tree Oil Have Great Cleaning Effects and

are Safe For Your family...

Please ask us about safe, non-toxic cleaning products

As a parent, I feel it is so important to make sure that our house is clean and environmentally safe. I have a friend who's seven year old son who suffers from Asthma and easily gets irritated by all the harsh chemicals found in average household products. I decided to take the natural path. Simple, all natural, non-toxic cleaning products.

At the end of the day I feel relieved knowing that by replacing something so simple meant less trips to the hospital and more money saved.

The solvent properties of Tea Tree oil, which are so useful at dissolving pus and debris in wounds, but also brilliant in cleaning products.

Today, companies who produce many different types of cleaning products all around the globe are utilizing Tea Tree Oil for it's unique solvent and anti-microbial qualities.

Some Household Cleaning Products That Tea Tree Oil Are In Today...

Soaps, Fabric Softeners, Stain Removers, Laundry Detergents, Whiteners, 

Copper And Brass Cleaners, Dish Soap, Window Cleaners, Bathroom Cleaner,

All-Purpose Cleaners, Furniture Polish, Air Fresheners, Odor Eliminators,

Floor Cleaners, Hospital Grade Disinfectants, etc.

Companies Are Beginning To Understand The Importance Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil can also be used very effectively as an anti-microbial surface cleaner. It is many times more "active" than a comparable strength disinfectant.

The household of the 21st century has a unique opportunity to say"No!" to those harsh synthetic chemicals that are slowly poisoning our planet. While we still have natural , biodegradable commodities like the Melaleuca alternifolia we have a CHOICE... a greener choice that can not only assist in healing our bodies, but can also safely cleanse all around our homes too.

Literally from Basement to Attic.

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