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New, Pure, Organic, Australian tea tree essential oil. When looking for tea tree oil you'll find it under many descriptive terms. 

What is tea tree essential oil?

An essential oil is is a liquid containing the pure essence or the volatile aroma compounds from herbs, barks, or other plant materials. 
To be given the organic title, it must come from an organically grown source.

They are given the name of the plant material from which they were extracted.

So for instance, tea tree oil, is just that. It is the essential oil, or essence of tea tree.

How Are Essential Oils Made?

When an oil is labeled essential, it is not because it is critical or an especially important substance from the plant.

The term essential is just stating the distinctive fragrance of the originating plant.

There are several means or processes of extracting essential oils

* distillation* solvent extraction* expressed or pressed oils

Tea tree oil is processed by means of distillation.

Essential oils are not new, they have been around for centuries, or longer. There are stories that at one time many families in the bush of Australia had backyard distilleries.

The backyard stills were set up to distill tea tree oil from leaves, stems, and branches gathered from the local Melaleuca Alternifolia plants.

Here in the US, many stories relate to folks in our back country woods, setting up distilleries of their own, but those stories tell of moonshiners and not tea tree oil distillers.

Essential oils are used by many in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the practice in alternative medicine that makes claims on fragrances from various plants can have healing properties and are able to cure certain illnesses.

We are not trying to make any such claims on teatreewonders.com, see our terms of use statement at the bottom of each page. We are primarily an information site.

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