Tea Tree Shampoo

I love tea tree shampoo. 

There's a lot of reasons that people use shampoo with tea tree oil, like for certain scalp conditions. 

If you have dandruff, scalp acne, head lice, or just a plain old itchy scalp that you don't know why it itches, then you might want to try tea tree oil shampoo.

Here's the Problem

I've tried quite a few store brands of shampoo, but the vast majority of them leave my head itching all day long. 

What I've come to find out is that nearly every shampoo sold at your supermarket, pharmacy, drugstore, or big-box discount retailer, contains sodium laurel sulfate, abbreviated as SLS.

What's the Solution?

Avoid Sodium Lauryl Sulfate!

SLS is an industrial detergent used to wash engine parts and degrease floors, pots and pans, and other oily parts or components. It is extremely drying, and can easily irritate your scalp or skin. SLS is also known as a possible and very likely cancer-causing agent! Because it breaks down oils so well, it removes the barrier your skin naturally produces. Your scalp becomes susceptible to SLS entering your bloodstream quickly.

Now, I know you're probably thinking that sodium laurel sulfate is probably not contacting your skin and in sufficient amounts to cause cancer. Keep in mind, many liquid hand soap's and detergents also contain sodium laurel sulfate.

Your daily exposure to carcinogens, if you were to add up all the sources, would absolutely stun the average person. For these reasons, I have found just a few shampoos that I love to use. 

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