Tea Tree Oil Shelf Life

Extending tea tree oil shelf life is simple!

Storing Tea Tree Oil Properly

"How long does tea tree oil stay effective if stored properly?"

  • Store Tea Tree Oil in Glass!

According to the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association, the shelf life of tea tree oil is around 6 months after it's opened, and up to two years when unopened.

There are a few conditions though to keep in mind though. Tea Tree Oil, and most other essential oils like it cold. Think "Tea Tree Oil on the rocks".

You can significantly extend the shelf life of most essential oils by storing the oil in dark amber or cobalt blue glass bottles, or in stainless steel or lined aluminum bottles.

  • Never Store Tea Tree Oil in Plastic...Ever!

Stay away from plastic. Plastic allows terpinen 4-ol to leach out of the oil, and within 3 months will most likely be all gone. As the terpinens evaporate, and the oil turns rancid, the skin irritating p-cymenes increase. Store your tea tree oil in in plastic and you'll be left with a poor quality, and potentially skin irritating oil compound.

Any tea tree oil product stored in plastic has a shelf life of 90 days or less

, including lotions, soaps, cremes, shampoos, and conditioners. A significantly reduced tea tree oil shelf life, wouldn't you agree?

  • Keep Tea Tree Oil in the Cold and Dark.

Tea Tree Oil will last longer in the Fridge than on the shelf in your bathroom. The enemy of essential oils is oxidation. Warmth, light, and exposure to the air cause essential oils to break down and diminish their safety and effectiveness. Your refrigerator is the best place in your home or office to keep tea tree oil cold and fresh longer.

  • Keep It Closed and Move the Oil to Smaller Bottles.

Keeping the lid closed helps minimize the exposure to the air. If you have a 4 ounce bottle, and it's 3/4 full, move the tea tree oil to 3 one ounce bottles. The limited exposure to air will keep the oil fresh and safe longer. Remember that oxidation is the archenemy of tea tree oil, and seeks to destroy it!

Tea Tree Oil and Skin Irritation

What's p-Cymene, and Why Should I Care?

As tea tree oil breaks down, several compounds develop which may be irritating to the skin, namely p-cymenes and peroxide.

As Tea Tree Oil turns rancid, some of the oil converts into p-cymene, and the oil becomes irritating to the skin. Tea tree oil that has gone bad can cause the skin to turn red, or cause excessive dryness, or even cause a skin rash.

When studies have been performed on high quality tea tree oil, oils that were stored away from UV light and heat maintained levels of cymenes and peroxide below those which are considered acceptable.

Making sure you've gotten a high quality tea tree oil, and kept it properly, can help reduce the chances of your tea tree oil becoming irritating or useless. Tea Tree Wonders has high quality tea tree oil, which means you get a longer tea tree oil shelf life

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