Tea Tree Oil Lotion - How to Find Your Favorite Tea Tree Lotion

Why pay a small fortune to test out and try ten different varieties of Tea Tree Oil Lotion, when you can use your favorite lotion to create a better quality tea tree oil lotion at home?

Most lotions that contain tea tree oil only have between one and two percent tea tree oil added when they are produced.

The sad fact is that most plastics used when packaging the tea tree oil products allow a large part of that very small amount of tea tree oil to pass through the plastic.

What's left behind may be only the cymenes, the irritating compounds in tea tree oil, and in a greater concentration.

You see, unless you know that the product was made within the last 90 days, you may only be getting a tea tree oil scented product, with little or no active tea tree oil in the product. Fortunately, you can make your own tea tree oil lotion with very little effort, and with a higher quality tea tree oil from Tea Tree Wonders.

Tea Tree oil that is used in cosmetics can vary in strength and quality, and there are no requirements to inform the consumer of either factor. If you purchase your favorite lotion though, and add the appropriate amount of Tea Tree Wonders tea tree oil, you can have a lotion that contains the purest and best of the tea tree oils found anywhere. 

Your Tea Tree Oil Lotion Recipe

Ready? Here's the recipe. For every 2 milliliters ( 2ml ) of lotion simply add one drop of tea tree oil, and stir it in thoroughly, that's it! What you'll end up with is a tea tree oil lotion of about a 5% concentration.

Another way to figure the proper amount to use is to add one teaspoon of tea tree oil for every 32 ounces of lotion.

What if you only want the same sort of concentration as you might purchase in the store? Or a stronger solution? Simply add more or less tea tree oil according to your preferences.

The one recommendation I have though, is to use the highest quality tea tree oil you can find. After all, your skin deserves to be treated with the best and purest tea tree oil products to help it stay looking it's best for years to come, and to help ward off fungal and bacterial infections like ringworm, nail fungus, MRSA, and infections from small cuts or scratches. Wouldn't you agree? That's why I've love our T39 C3.7 quality tea tree oil.

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