tea tree oil for dog and cat shampoo? is it a good idea?

What about Dog Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil

I recommend using a tea tree oil for dog shampoo, especially for larger breed dogs.

I have a black Labrador/ Irish setter mix dog, and when I use a tea tree oil shampoo it seems to keep the fleas and ticks away for several days after he is bathed.

With smaller dogs, miniature breeds like small poodles, Chihuahua's, and felines, trying to avoid shampoos with concentrations of tea tree oil or other essential oils like menthol, in concentrations greater than 1%.

Cats and small dogs are highly susceptible to central nervous system depressants like some essential oils.

What to look for

The symptoms of CNS depression can include mild stupor, clumsiness, convulsions, and in cases of poisoning even death. Never use straight tea tree oil, mint, or pennyroyal essential oils on any small animal.

Even though some of these oils have proven themselves effective in repelling fleas and ticks, they can be dangerous or deadly to your small pets.

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