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Among the Tea Tree Oil Benefits

Among the Benefits were that Tea Tree was found useful because of its ability to kill germs, fight infection, and act as a triple antibiotic. What that means, when it's considered a triple antibiotic, is that it has antibiotic, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties.

This is what made Melaleuca oil such a popular first aid treatment and a required part of Australian soldiers first-aid kits in World War II.

Tea tree oil has also found uses in products for the home, in beauty products, dental products, and of course as a homeopathic remedy for everything from head lice and insect bites, to the flu and colds, acne, MRSA, ringworm, athletes foot, warts, and eczema.

Why TeaTreeWonders.Com?

The website includes lots of articles concerning tea tree oil benefits, and the uses for tea tree or melaleuca oil, as well as links to the products and services that will help you in finding the best of tea tree products.

Pure tea tree or Melaleuca has been used in tea tree shampoo,lice treatments, personal care, cleaning products,for athletes foot, eczema, acne, infections, oral and dental care, and a host of health and wellness products.

If you can't find the answer on this website, I'm here to answer your questions. So,come explore this website, and some of the fascinating history uses and some amazing Tea Tree benefits.

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