Massage soreness away by adding a few drops of tea tree oil to your favorite rub or lotion

You know the feelings.

You've got soreness and pain and you want relief now!

You slept in the wrong position or in the wrong place and now you have that annoying pain in the neck or sore back.

What can you do? One solution involves that little medicine cabinet in a bottle.

Tea tree oil is an incredible solvent and penetrating oil. You can prove it to yourself by taking a balloon, inflated of course, and putting a drop or two of pure tea tree oil on it.

It should cause the balloon to pop, showing the ability of tea tree oil to pass thru the surface of the balloon.

Even though it is a strong solvent, it rarely causes any irritation on the skin. We use it full strength on cuts and scratches all the time.

When you combine the strength of tea tree oil with your favorite massage oil, lotion, or sports rub, you create a powerful combination that goes straight to the muscles.

My favorite way to relieve muscle aches is with an already prepared lotion containing tea tree oil, a little capsaicin or menthol type rub, and having a little bit of methyl salicylate in it.

Of course, if you need relief today, just pop on in to your local pharmacy, or look in your medicine cabinet for your sports rub, something like icy hot or ben-gay. Follow the instructions, but add a few drops of tea tree oil and massage the tender area.

Some folks are reporting good results adding Thai Plai Oil to their pain relief efforts.

I really like the smell of tea tree oil, and it feels cooling to my skin and any sore muscles. Next time you use some lotion or massage oil, add a few drops of tea tree to add to the experience. It smells great, it feels even better! The penetrating action seems to enhance the lotion a or massage oil to provide relief for your senses too.

When I need a rub for a sore back or neck, I get the best relief for soreness delivered right to my door.

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