Soap Products 
Made From Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is being used more frequently in a large variety of soap products. The most common in the industry are a bath and body products. So, whether you're looking for a liquid hand soap, a luxury soap, or face wash products like an acne face wash, increasingly you'll find tea tree oil added into the mix. 

One of our exciting new products here at teatreewonders is the addition of handcrafted bar soaps made with tea tree oil. There is a variety to choose from such as tea tree/peppermint, tea tree/vanilla, tea tree/lavender or just tea tree oil alone. 

Face wash products that contain sodium laurel sulfate or sodium lauryth sulfate might dry out your skin. It's one of the reasons that some face cleaners and shampoos used the sulfate-based products. When you're combating oily skin or hair they can be quite effective. Visit this page for some more information on how to find a good tea tree oil face wash product.

Hand soap products come as either bar soap or liquid hand soap. There are a variety of bars, but one containing tea tree oil in sufficient amounts will hopefully be labeled as an aromatherapy soap. If you're looking for a moisturizing soap, look for one containing moisturizers or made from coconut oil. 

Although it's not a bath and body product, laundry soap can also be made with tea tree oil to freshen your clothes and help with mold, mildew, and odor causing bacteria. You can also purchase inexpensive tea tree oil to add to your wash load. One or 2 teaspoons in a load of laundry can eliminate a host of odor causing problems. 

Because tea tree oil is a favorite among natural food enthusiasts, it's only natural to find home crafted and natural soap producers adding it to their ingredient glands. Tea tree oil and lavender soap is a common blend and can be soothing to body and mind. Tea tree oil is also added to natural shaving products, and because it can be found as an organic and wild crafted essential oil, tea tree oil can be found as an organic soap product also. 

One of my favorite bath and body products, and King of all tea tree oil soap products, is tea tree oil shampoo. Tea tree oil shampoo can help ward off lice, and assist your hair and scalp in becoming dandruff free. If you find your current shampoo causes your scalp to break out in small pimples or creates excessive itching, find a shampoo without sodium laurel sulfate or sodium lauryth sulfate . Both of those additives are strong foaming detergents. 

If you're into soap making, tea tree oil is easily added. Studies that have been done on the effectiveness of tea tree oil in various applications find it best suited for most uses at a concentration of five to 10%. In natural shaving products, tea tree oil soothing and cooling. You'll find the skin refreshing and soothing qualities of tea tree oil enhanced in soaps made with aloe and tea tree oil together. A quick search on the internet can turn up a good tea tree oil soap recipe

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