Can Tea Tree Oil 
fight warts caused by 
human papillomavirus ( HPV )?

Who gets warts? 

"Warts are caused by a human papillomavirus. (HPV)

Almost everyone gets warts at some time or another. It’s the virus that’s getting all the hype in the news lately for causing cervical cancer in women from the sexually transmitted virus."

There are over 100 HPV’s and some of them cause warts. Warts can appear anywhere on the body, and even inside the body in places like the mouth, vagina, and anus! I know, it’s disgusting.

Even worse, warts are contagious. You may not be able to get warts from frogs and toads, but you can get them from other people. The papillomavirus is spread through skin contact , especially from sexual contact. Another way to get warts is using a towel that has been used by someone with warts.

The usual treatments for warts include chemical burning of the warts, lasers, cutting them out surgically, and a few topical medications. Human papillomavirus can be amazingly tenacious.

The home remedies range from potatoes, banana peels, dandelion sap, fig sap, and fig compresses. The fruit and sap thing having to do with the enzymes in the plant juices. Even some wart medications use a fig extract of some sort in the latex compound that you paint on the wart. 

Mr. Lely, I desire that you would use all your skill to paint my picture truly like me, and not flatter me at all; but remark all these roughnesses, pimples, warts, and everything as you see me, otherwise I will never pay a farthing for it.
Oliver Cromwell
From Horace Walpole. Anecdotes of painting in England [1762-1771]

Too bad Mr. Cromwell didn’t have Tea Tree Oil!

What about Tea Tree Oil ?

Tea tree oil has shown some very positive results when used as a topical antiviral agent against human papillomavirus . If you research the internet, you'll find some people reporting that even though they had no luck with any of the over the counter treatments, when trying Tea Tree Oil they finally achieved the results they wanted.

There are also some studies on Medline, even though anecdotal, that tea Tree Oil has been as effective as salicyclic acid.

To use Tea Tree oil on plantar warts or verrucae, apply the oil with a cotton tip swab several or three times a day. I've read some stories of this working in 4 weeks or less. It also should be noted that Tea Tree Oil may provide a little pain relief at the same time, although this is not proven. Again, remember that you are trying to get rid of papillomavirus, and so it's not the wart, but the papillomavirus that you are killing. The wart is the symptom not the cause.

Reports of using it for genital warts are similar, although it can take 6 or 7 weeks to fully rid the area of warts.

Keep a bottle of Tea Tree Oil handy for the bathroom, and again with a cotton tip swab (Q-Tip type swab) several times a day, or ladies, use a cotton pad with Tea Tea Tree Oil where it comes in contact with the lesions.

You may want to use a little caution with this, as some mild tingling may occur at first. As always, this is not meant to take the place of good solid advice from your health care provider, this is merely stating what is being reported on the internet and in some publications. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any of your conditions. Go see a doctor if you need help.

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