Want A
Natural Mosquito Repellent
That Chases Bugs Away?

I'll show you how to get rid of the mosquitoes for all of your outdoor activities.

Do you love going to the lake, golf, tennis, boating, heading out to the mountains for some camping, hunting, or fishing? Or maybe you are like my family and I, because we used to just wish we could eat in our own backyard without spraying on more toxic waste than was generated by Chernobyl and Three Mile Island combined.

The usual chemical used to get rid of mosquitoes is DEET.

DEET Mosquito repellent makes my skin feel like it's burning, and I don't like the smell either.

That's why I looked for a natural mosquito repellent. I wanted an organic mosquito repellent that worked, made from plants that repel mosquitoes, but I've tried nearly everything in the health food stores, and nothing works as well as I'd like.

Robert Tisserand says that the essential oils in plants may have greater purposes than just a pleasing fragrance, but some plants may produce oils that serve to either attract or repel some insects as well. In Robert Tisserand's article on Essential Oils "...it is not surprising to find that certain essential oil constituents are neurotoxic to specific insects, or act as insect repellents. Because essential oils have evolved to be so effective in deterring insects, natural crop protection sprays are being commercially developed."

I tried one brand, in a little metal spray can with a yellow label. It smelled pretty good, real lemony. It was also very oily, and it didn't work for very long before I had to put more on. I wanted one that worked with just a few drops.

I tried another brand, and it was just citronella oil. On health magazine recommended Lemon Eucalyptus Oil, and of everything I've tried, it worked the best. Until now that is.

I live in the mountains, and we have mosquitoes as soon as the snow melts until it starts to fly again in the fall. We went camping at Lake Almanor for four days, and we have been testing out a new natural mosquito repellent that works better than anything else I've ever seen. tried, or read about.

A One Ounce Bottle Lasts All Summer

I have six children, and so all of us have been using the same one ounce bottle of natural insect repellent for the last two months. I even spilled a little on the camping trip this summer, and shared it with our friends and their seven children, and we still have 2/3 of a bottle left to use!

If you look at the pictures on the right, you can see just how much I use, and how I apply it. I put a few drops on my hands, rub them together, and then rub it on any exposed skin areas. It takes hardly any at all!

I use just as much again for my legs. My children love to use this bug juice, we've been using the Original Blend all summer. The aroma is spicy with tones of vanilla and cinnamon, cedar and mint, and of course the rest of the thirty essential oils all in an odorless coconut oil.

Most natural mosquito repellents are made from only one or at most a few essential oils, and that's great, but there are more than just a few plants that work. All of the useful plants have some benefit, but what if you could combine them all into a fantastic aromatic combination that works with just a few drops? That's what I wanted, and that's what I got.

A natural mosquito repellant that has over 30 different essential oils all blended together to form the most effective, most powerful and yet safe, most awesome mosquito repelling bug juice anywhere. Lemon Scented naturally for the entire family. We also have one scented like the fresh moist dirt kicked up in the woods while hiking or hunting.It's called "Hunter's Scent".

Did you just read that? Our Natural Mosquito Repellent also comes in a fragrance that smells like "Dirt" !

I admit it. (although in some circles it's not really politically correct) I love to hunt for a few weeks each year, get out with my father in law, a few of the guys, and act like boys tromping all over the hills and through the brush.

( It's not just for guys though, a few of my daughters have taken an interest in hunting as well, and hunter/gun safety courses are required classes in our family)

You Smell Funny

Deer and other animals can smell humans, especially when they are coated in chemicals that burn human nostrils, and don't smell like anything else in the forest or field.

The one thing that every forest and field has in common though is dirt. That's why we offer a natural mosquito repellent that smells like dirt. Finally you can keep away the mosquitoes and not the animals you are hunting for.

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