Free Herb EBook, "Culinary Herbs, Their Cultivation, Harvesting, Curing, and Uses."

Awesome herb ebook that covers over 30 different popular herbs, how to grow them, dry them, and use them for food, beverages, and personal care. This is a valuable resource, take a copy as our free gift to you.

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For your pleasure, here is a paraphrased version of the preface to the book


Their Cultivation, Harvesting, Curing and Uses

Associate Editor American Agriculturist

A small boy who wanted to make a good impression once took his little sweetheart to an ice cream parlor. After he had vainly searched the list of edibles for something within his means, he whispered to the waiter,

"Say, Mister, what you got that looks awesome an' tastes great for a buck?" This is precisely the predicament in which many thousands of people are in today. Like the boy, they have skinny purses, voracious appetites , and mighty yearnings to make the best possible impression within their means.

Perhaps having been "invited over to eat" or watching Food Network shows, they learn by actual demonstration that the herbs are culinary magicians which convert cheap cuts and "scraps" into savory dishes. They are exposed to the fact that by using herbs they can afford to play host and hostess to a larger number of hungry and envious friends than ever before.

Maybe it is mainly due to these yearnings and to the memories of mom's and grandmother's famous dishes that so many inquiries concerning the propagation, cultivation, curing and uses of culinary herbs are searched out on gardening and cookery; and maybe it is because no one has really loved the herbs enough to publish a book on the subject.

That herbs are easy to grow I can abundantly attest, for I have grown them all. I can also bear ample witness to the fact that they reduce the cost of high living, if by that phrase is meant pleasing the palate without purging the purse. 

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