Help! My Cloth Diaper Pail Stinks!

Every diaper pail stinks! Especially a cloth diaper pail! If you have ever fought diaper pail or trash can odors, then you know how toxic some of the chemical deodorant solutions can be. That's why tea tree oil is one of the best diaper pail friends you can have!.

I mean that tea tree oil can often remove many of the odors that are in the air. 

Why not make your own tea tree oil deodorizer? You only need a few ingredients, and there are no harsh chemicals or cancer causing agents like some of the aerosol room fresheners contain. You can sleep better knowing you're not putting dangerous chemicals into the air your baby breathes!

I recommend a non-toxic soap like Dr Bronner's Sal Suds or a similar potassium soap.

Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Diaper Pail Deodorizer

Pour it into a 1 quart trigger sprayer, and add water to make 32 ounces of deodorizer.

This spray will cost you about $0.25 per quart, even if you use the best tea tree oil or lavender oil. Compare that to the environmentally hazardous chemicals on the store shelves, over $8.00 a quart/liter for the most popular ones! 

Not only does it kill germs but it gives a fresh clean aroma that's safer than most of the name brand disinfectant sprays. Some of those sprays contain dangerous chemicals that you may not want around your children. That's why tea tree oil may be a better solution around the house or for your cloth diaper pail. For instance, one major brand Disinfectant Spray states on their MSDS sheet...

Eye Contact: Corrosive. May cause eye damage.

Skin Contact: Causes skin damage.

Ingestion: May cause gastrointestinal tract irritation.

Medical Conditions Generally Aggravated by Exposure: None known.

Why use a product like this in your cloth diaper pail or kitchen trash can, or why even have it in your house where your children have access to it?

Avoid a Tragedy!

I spoke with a man who uses the same products that we use in our home, and he told me his 15 month old had sprayed household cleaner in her mouth! Fortunately it wasn't the disinfectant listed above, but rather a household cleaner with non-toxic ingredients. She promptly spit it out and suffered no ill effects. Most disinfectants of this sort would have required a trip to the doctor or emergency room.

You can see why if your diaper pail stinks, using a diaper pail freshener with dangerous chemicals can be a threat to the health and safety of your children. Tea Tree Oil and other essential oils like lavender oil, may be the best diaper pail freshener for your home, especially if you have a cloth diaper pail!. Those chemical residues, if not thoroughly rinsed out , could potentially cause skin damage on your babies tender cheeks or private areas.

Find out more about cloth diapers, and why so many folks consider them a "green" alternative to disposable diapers at the website, My Natural Motherhood Journey. The sites author has written a page on Cloth Diapersthat answers questions that you yourself might have.

Where can I find cloth diaper pail deodorizer items?

With a tea tree oil and lavender deodorizing spray, you may not have an odorless diaper pail, but with essential oil diaper pail deodorizers you can say goodbye to diaper pail odor.

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