What brand of Vitamins are used in the MRSA letter?

by Anna M

Anna M asked,

I would like to know what vitamins were prescribed to the man mentioned in the letter with mrsa and gangrene. Also, is the tree tea oil advertised in this website a E.O.B.B.D. essential oil?



The vitamins mentioned in the letter were from Melaleuca Company, their Vitality Pack, I believe. I am not a distributor for them, but you might find a bargain on Melaleuca Products and Vitamins through Ebay.

The company is known and recognized for high quality products although some folks prefer to buy exclusively through a distributor or sites like Ebay in order to avoid the need to register as a marketing executive and the monthly purchase requirements.

Your second question, about E.O.B.B.D. essential oil certification, needs a bit of clarification.

E.O.B.B.D. stands for "Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined" and it is somewhat deceptive in it's use. The "certification" is a trademark of the Be Young Essential Oils company, and is used exclusively for their oils. The process of identification and certification though is the same for any quality oil.

Their campaign to create a new "certification" standard is really nothing new. There is a famous ad campaign for a beer company from years ago. The company was trying to make people think that somehow they had stricter manufacturing standards than anyone else, and that somehow that made their beer better, when in reality, they only used and follwed the same strict processes and standards as any other licensed beer producer.

The ad campaign was a success, but the beer was no more pure than any other. I think that this may be the motivation behind BeYoung Oils E.O.B.B.D."education" campaign.

This all brings me to the short answer to your question. Since I am not offering any oils from Be Young Essential Oils company, I cannot claim that any oils offered on this website are E.O.B.B.D. certified. I can claim that the oils are from a reputable source, and have been tested, and the source country, species, and plant parts are all known, along with a complete analysis. I don't offer "junk" oils on this website, although I cannot vouch for the advertisers that may find their way on to the site through ad aggregators that I offer space to.

All Teatreewonders.com oils are the highest quality available anywhere.

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