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It's important to consider 3 factors when comparing tea tree oil and it's pricing

  • The Source of the Tea Tree Oil Where was the oil grown and processed? What is the country of origin? Remember that the very best tea tree oil in the world comes from NSW Australia. Just as certain regions are known for fine wine, the New South Wales region is known for the best tea tree oil in the world.

  • The Quality of the Tea Tree Oil Every single batch of tea tree oil will be a little different. Look for oil that has a high terpinen-4-ol content and a low cineole 1,8 content. These numbers will usually be represented as a "T-39, C-3" value on the labels. Premium tea tree oil is oil with terpinen-4-ol content higher than 39%.

  • The Freshness of the Tea Tree Oil The fresher the tea tree oil, the better the quality of any product you offer. Tea tree oil breaks down with time, and the resulting chemical changes can cause irritation in some sensitive individuals. Look for oil that is only a few months old if possible.