Tea Tree oil for oral lichen planus

by Thea
(Orcutt, California)

Question Can Tea Tree oil be purchased for oral use? I understand it can be used for lichen planus of the tongue. Tell me you are aware of this and in what form can it be used.

Editors Reply

Wow, I am so sorry to hear about your condition. I honestly do not know if tea tree oil will help or not. I read on Wikipedia that it is most often caused by oxidative stress, so I would imagine that the usual nutritional supplements would help your body immensely.

I am not a health professional, so I cannot prescribe, treat, diagnose, or otherwise counsel you on your particular situation,I can only tell you to stay in touch with your choice of medical professionals, seek out great nutritional advice, and get as much information as you can. Use the information below at your own risk, and preferably with the counsel of your natural health professional provider of choice.

As far as using tea tree oil look for a graded high quality tea tree oil. The grade will be listed a something like t-36 c-3. ( see the page on how to get great tea tree oil anywhere you choose, https://www.teatreewonders.com/purchase-tea-tree-oil.html)

To use tea tree orally, I usually put a drop or three into a little mouthwash like Listerine, but a few drops in a little water might work as well. If you decide you want to try tea tree oil on your sores, you might try dabbing a little of this tea tree water on just one sore before risking irritating your entire mouth. Better to use caution than to suffer more than you are already. If there is any irritation or soreness at all from the tea tree, quit right away.

Again, the following information is merely what I might do if it were me, and is not meant as anything but what I might consider to boost my own body's defenses.

I too have been dealing with a stress related condition, and I find that the usual antioxidants in therapeutic amounts seem to help me the most. For me, I take several grams of vitamin C daily, and maintain a diet rich in omega 3 and 6 oils, like high quality butter like Kerrygold, cod liver oil, and coconut oil.

If it were me, I might also comsider an enzyme product like Medizyme, WoBenzyme, or Rejuvenzyme that might aid in helping my body fight the inflammation and itching, but I would check with a Naturopath like Dr Davis in Palo Cedro, California (He does phone consults and lab testing by mail).

Finally, I'd make sure that I got plenty of B-vitamin rich foods, and B vitamin supplements. I would also make sure to get a large variety of probiotic cultures by food or supplements to make sure I had a healthy gut. (Look up Gut and Psychology Syndrome on the internet)

My condition came on as an allergic reaction to detergent, but only manifested itself following treatment with a VERY strong antibiotic that messed with my entire digestive system for months. I am sure that it killed most if not all of the beneficial flora in my gut.

Good luck to you, you are in my prayers.

If anyone else has any thoughts or ideas on this, please feel free to share them too!

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