tea tree oil and leg infection

by Mary
(Bali, Indonesia)

Tea Tree Oil in the Tropics

I'm an expat who spends most of my time living on the tropical island paradise of legendary Bali. I have had no particular tropics-related problems for the past two years, but 3 weeks ago I developed a strange localized outbreak on the back of my leg. The doctor said it was probably a herpes infection and gave me oral and topical prescription remedies. I finished the 5-day pill regimen and had used the cream throughout, but the redness remained. I am new to Tea Tree Oil, so I didn't think to try it at first. But in an effort to get rid of the red marks remaining on my leg, I did some extensive research about tea tree oil and decided to give it a try -- it worked! The redness has faded away and so has the infection. My husband is quite susceptible to these tropical skin afflictions, and I will be turning to tea tree oil more often as a first option.

P.S. In the course of my research I stumbled upon this website and am happy I did.

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