Susan Burke

by Susan Burke
(NOrth Lincolsnhire UK)

How I used Tea Tree Oil to help cure my daughters in growing toe nail.

My poor little girl had a painful toe nail and after considerable amount of going back and forth to the doctors and trying antibiotics and foot baths he decided to remove the nail. I felt really bad for her at having to go through such a procedure but she was really brave.

A few weeks before she had to have the operation done her toe nail really flared up quite bad and was told she might not be able to have the operation done if it was badly infected. I thought I would try dribbling tea tree oil down the nail bed after she had had a foot bath. I did this every night until she had the nail removed.

When she went back to the nurse for her first dressing removal, the nurse could not believe how clean and healthy her nail bed was and said she had never seen healing like it. I mentioned what I had been doing for a few weeks before the operation and she was totally amazed and would be recommending this to future patients.

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